Cinco de Mayo

Happy (day after) Cinco de Mayo!

I have a couple of recipes that I have to share with you all. They’re not mine, so I’ll give links to the actual websites, but I’ll show you some pictures!

The first:

Salted Lime Tortilla Chips (E, N, D, GF)

I had to use “Realime” juice instead of ACTUAL lime juice – the grocery store was out of limes! So disappointing. Oh well, at least the taste wasn’t too affected.

– Instead of baking them in rounds and then breaking them into pieces, I cut them first. I would like to try it the original way next time – I almost think they burned easier my way.
– That being said, I decreased the cooking time to about 5 minutes per side, instead of 10.
– I also like to try sprinkling some lime zest on them next time – after they’re done baking, of course. I would have liked the lime flavor to be much more present.
– Other than all of those things, I really liked this recipe! They were very tasty!

The next recipe:

Cheesy Jalapeno Popper Baked Stuffed Chicken (E, N, GF?)

– Firstly, sorry the pictures aren’t great. Chicken is not very photogenic, and we had a very overcast day yesterday…sun makes everything look better.
– Because I used 4 normal sized chicken breasts (which I pounded out to make flatter), I halved the original recipe.
– You could make this GF by using GF bread crumbs.
– It was a great recipe, though! And not too bad nutrition-wise! I might serve it with a salad next time…we just didn’t have any lettuce around the house!

And to wrap things up:



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