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Shortbread Cookies

There were many things I loved about England. (Duh.) I loved the scenery. The weather. The excursions. The people I met. And of course, the pubs. And this is going to sound crazy to those of you who aren’t food obsessed, but one of my favorite things to do when I was there was search […]

Last Days in London

Hello all, My last day in London was December 18th, 2011 – a year ago today! Of course, we (Dan and I) didn’t do much of anything that day except get up at 4:02 am and take a cab to the airport, but my last few days in London were really great. At that point […]

Around the World in Four Weekends

Originally posted on Liv Lives Life:
Yup, that’s right. This weekend was London, next weekend is Switzerland, the next, Paris, and finally back to the U.S.! I can’t believe how quickly time flew by…and I know these next three weekends are going to be just as crazy. I have been researching and writing all day,…

The Globe Theatre + Parliament

Happy Friday, everyone! How was your week? Thanks to everyone who wished LLL a happy blogiversary yesterday! 🙂 This morning, I went to a meeting about Kingston University. There are six girls going there next semester, and my study abroad advisor wondered if I could meet up and answer their questions. Um, yes! It was […]

WIAW + National Theatre Recap

Helloooooo! Can you believe it’s already Wednesday? It seems like I was just posting a WIAW… How is your week going so far? Mine is going pretty well, especially today, because the sun is out and election commercials are OVER. Whew. Before I start, I just want to share this hilarious picture of Ella. We […]

Exploring London with Mom (Two)

(Click here for a link to the first part of Exploring London with Mom!) After walking through Portobello Market, my mom and I headed south. We were on our way to Harrods, but ended up finding Kensington Gardens, Royal Albert Hall, and the Prince Albert Memorial along the way. I love discovering a city this […]

Exploring London with Mom

Welllll I am very slightly behind on my recaps of studying abroad, which is a bummer, because I was having such a great time a year ago! As I mentioned before, I was so lucky to have so many visitors while in England. My dad flew over with me in September, one of my best […]