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Meat Free Monday: Open-Faced Fajita

Mexican food has long been a favorite of mine. It can be healthy (or not), is always tasty, easy to prepare, and I have yet to find a person who doesn’t like it. The following recipe is certainly one of the simplest I’ve made, but explodes with great flavor from the first bite to the […]

Happy Cinco de Mayo! (Recipe Roundup)

Hello everyone! Happy Cinco de Mayo! I wasn’t planning on posting this morning, but after realizing what day it was, I thought I’d do a quick recipe roundup in honor of Cinco de Mayo. I looooove Mexican food and was actually surprised that I didn’t have more recipes on my blog. But here is what […]

Mom’s Spinach Dip

Happy Saturday, everyone! Fall Saturdays in the U.S. mean football. Today there are two games that my dad and brother are watching on TV. While I don’t mind football, I’m not the biggest sports person. What I do like, however, is the fact that oftentimes, football games will turn into get-togethers, complete with friends, family, […]

Cinco de Mayo

Happy (day after) Cinco de Mayo! I have a couple of recipes that I have to share with you all. They’re not mine, so I’ll give links to the actual websites, but I’ll show you some pictures! The first: Salted Lime Tortilla Chips (E, N, D, GF) I had to use “Realime” juice instead of […]

The First

Hello again! Well..I am quite excited to begin blogging! Just so you know, to be more obvious with my allergy-free recipes and meals, I will be putting letters by each of them, and then explaining how you could alter or substitute in various things to make them even more allergy-friendly: – E : no eggs […]