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Hampton Court Palace

Hampton Court Palace One of my absolute favorite places in England was conveniently about five minutes from Kingston by bus. Hampton Court Palace was built beginning in the 1500s for King Henry VIII, but was added on to in the late 1600s by William III, who intended to make it rival Versailles (source). This combination […]

Windsor Castle

Allllright. It turns out that pretty much from the start of my study abroad experience in London, my camera’s calendar was way off. Therefore, I probably will not be posting on the exact days that I took the pictures last year, as I had hoped to do, but rather around the time and day that […]

De-Stressing and Fun-Having

Helloooooo! First, I want to apologize for not posting lately. This week has been indescribably crazy and busy and I really want to give you all good, quality blog posts instead of rushing through them which is why I’m going to wait until I’m not as busy to post. That was a long sentence. I […]

Brighton Trip

Traveling to London was such a great experience, but it wasn’t all fun and games. Because I was there as a university student, there was also some work to it. I had classes and homework, and couldn’t just spend all of my time wandering around towns and palaces and stuff. 😉 I took four classes […]

5-Minute Chocolate Chip Raspberry Mug Cake

When I arrived home last weekend, I noticed there were a few packages of fresh raspberries in the fridge. I love raspberries, so I immediately started thinking of things to make with them. Of course, anything with raspberries is perfect on its own. Buuuuut raspberries + chocolate is even perfecter. So I had the first two […]

Buckingham Palace

I’m very excited to share my pictures of and story about Buckingham Palace with you! Before I do that, though, I want to say thank you to those of you who left such nice comments on yesterday’s post! I’m feeling a bit better today, but your comments really mean a lot. So thank you!! 🙂 […]

No More Summer + WIAW

WELL. It might as well officially be winter here! I absolutely love Michigan summers (I honestly don’t think there is a better state to be in during the season) but they’re just so fleeting. Last week and the week before were full of warm, even hot, days. This week? It’s getting into the 30*s at […]

Sights Around Kingston

More Kingston The reason I didn’t put a date on this post is because these pictures of Kingston are from different times throughout the first couple of weeks that I was there. Instead of devoting a post to just a few, I decided to compile them all. If you’re ever in the London area and […]

Food For Thought

I think stories like this need to be made more public: Will Ferrell Almost Killed His Co-star Zach Galifianakis with On Set Nut Prank (click for a link to the article) I understand that it must be difficult to work around comedians all day (you never know when they’re serious or joking), but really, an […]

Lovely London

Hello, London! September 15, 2011 Another great thing about being an international student at Kingston was that we had the opportunity to get a guided tour of London that ended with a lunch and a drink at a pub! Our guide, who was actually from Cincinnati, Ohio, was very knowledgeable, and really focused on the […]