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Week in Review #9

Good morning, everyone! I hope that your week is off to a great start. Mine sure is: we spent the afternoon at the neighbors’ pool again yesterday, which first of all makes the day seem to go quicker, and second is just plain old amazing. Seriously, that pool. I want. Also, the weather has been […]

Week in Review #6

Hello hello! It feels like it’s been forever since I last posted. I am really trying to find a balance between work, life, and blogging, buuuuut apparently I haven’t found it yet. While I love it, babysitting is really taking the energy out of me. I come home ever day exhausted and then I have […]

Week in Review #5

This is going to sound completely cliche, but I have NO idea where these weeks are going. I mean, I do, I can tell you what I’ve been doing, but it still doesn’t seem like they should be going so fast. I start babysitting tomorrow (!!!) full time, and I’ll be with the kids for […]

One More Week

Hello everyone! Happy Wednesday! I hope the week is going well for you so far and that you are enjoying some lovely weather wherever you are. It’s actually been borderline chilly here, but sunny and gorgeous otherwise. It’s really beginning to feel like summer, and I LOVE it! I didn’t have time to do my […]

MIMM: Bloom

These photos were taken over the last month or so. I hope you find them as marvelous as I do. 🙂 Many thanks to the lovely Katie for hosting!

An Experiment

Happy May, everyone! It’s finals week for me! And as such, I’ve been blogging every day so far. 😉 Seriously, I find that I blog more the busier I am…I guess it’s just a good outlet or something. Anyway, I have a bit of news to share with you all. Did you know that May […]

WIAW Almost and Actually Funny

Guess what? As you’re reading this, I’m probably finishing up my last work shift OR driving home because I’m DONE with classes!! Wahoo! I still have finals week coming up, of course…But it’s definitely going to start off right. My creative writing “exam” time is going to include handing in our portfolio, filling out student […]

Not Green

So today’s WIAW is going to be short and sweet. I even considered calling it Wordless WIAW, buttttt we all know that I like to talk. Or type. You know what I mean. 😉 First of all, I feel like I need to clarify: the pictures that I put in my Green post were completely, […]

WIAW + Not Bananas for Bananas

(Strange title, I know. Look below for an explanation.) Well, if you didn’t notice already, I seriously love my iPhone. I’m already addicted to Instagram (you all warned me!) and I just love having a good camera on hand at any second. For example, the other day, my dad gave a simple string to Ella. […]

WIAW Spring Break Edition

Well, first things first: today’s photo of the day! The prompt: “chair”. This is one of my favorite chairs in our house. Many people who come over for the first time assume that it’s been in the family for years, but really, my parents bought it just a few years ago (the secret’s out). I […]