Happy Thanksgiving Eve!

Well hello, friends! Happy Wednesday!

Not sure how many people reading this are American (I’m assuming most?), but I am very jealous you all are on break right now! But I hope you have a good one 🙂

Did anyone bookmark or try out those cake cookies? I know it’s a bit soon to ask, but I’m tellin’ you, they are so easy and delicious, you should go out and make them. Right now!

Breakfast: (E, N, D)

The usual: Weetaflakes, banana, and rice milk

My goal today was to go for a nice, easy run – I was totally in the mood for it yesterday and earlier this morning, but it just fell through. First of all, it was quite cold out, my knees did not feel great (I have a past with knee/hip/IT band issues whilst running), maybe my music was not the right kind?, I’m still a bit sore from P90X cardio the other day, and I think that breakfast did not keep me energized enough. So I jogged for about 10 minutes, then decided to walk another 20ish.
Even my pre-workout snack (a.k.a. a cake cookie) didn’t give me the energy! 😛
Slightly disheartening when that happens, but, oh well – it’s better than nothing!

Lunch: (E, N)
Ham, cheese, and apple panino. You’ll probably see this a lot on my blog – it’s soooo delicious! I also ate about a cup of mixed veggies:
(Very glamorous picture, I know…tupperware and all.)
Then a little while later, to hold me through class, I had about 2 oz. Greek yogurt, some of that cherry, flax, and coconut cereal, and raisins:

After a shower, it was time for class. I was actually late today because for some reason, I thought I needed to leave at 20 to the hour…not 20 after….dunno where my head is.

Coming back from class I got off the bus a few stops early (with the intent on going to the grocery store), and I’m glad I did! My little town was having a little Christmas festival and I got there 2 minutes before they lit the tree. They were playing Christmas music, and Starbucks had a little stand up serving hot chocolate…it was nice. Then Santa failed at turning on the Christmas tree…maybe too much eggnog? 😉

It was kinda funny.

Anyway, after that pleasant holiday break, I popped into Sainsbury’s, and bought more than I intended to. Of course. However, everything that I got was on sale, and all I had to eat back at the house was some soup – that I wasn’t in the mood for:
 Pre-dinner snack: (E, N, GF?)
Snack a Jacks!

They are rice and corn puffs – less than 90 calories per bag! And suuuuper vinegar-y. Yum.
I have a horrid habit of eating while cooking/waiting for something to cook, so I figured these are a wise choice if I’m going to continue fueling this habit. Any suggestions on how to overcome this? Maybe I should try chewing gum while cooking….

Dinner: (E, N, D, GF)
Half a chicken breast (I sprinkled pepper, garlic salt, and cayenne on it), some mixed veggies, and homemade chips.


Homemade Chips
serves 1

1 baking potato (red or white – whatever you like)
1/2 tsp olive oil
Salt and pepper to taste

Preheat oven to 400*F. Cut up potato into “chip” (= fry in American) style pieces. Toss in olive oil, salt, and pepper, and put on a foil lined baking sheet. You might want to spray your foil first if it isn’t already non-stick. Roast potatoes in oven for about 20 minutes, flipping once, until chips are “fork-tender”. Enjoy!

This dinner seriously filled me up. In a good way. It was sooo good for some reason – maybe I was super hungry?

Either way, I just had dessert – about 3 hours after dinner, which is highly unusual for me! Guess what it was?
Yup. Cookie #3 plus it’s chocolate sidekick. I have eaten 12 of these cookies in the last 3 days. Wow, that’s bad. Get these things away from me! Good thing the rest are in the freezer.

So, for my American (or non-American) readers, what’s on the menu for tomorrow???

I’m off to do some reading. I shall leave you with this picture of lovely London (taken from the balcony of the National Theatre). Have a great night!


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