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Switzerland, Part 1

Happy Friday, everyone! A year ago this weekend, I had the incredible opportunity to travel to Switzerland! It had always been a place I was interested in, and luckily enough, we have some very good family friends that live there that I got to visit and stay with. I hadn’t seen Barbara and her two […]

Around the World in Four Weekends

Originally posted on Liv Lives Life:
Yup, that’s right. This weekend was London, next weekend is Switzerland, the next, Paris, and finally back to the U.S.! I can’t believe how quickly time flew by…and I know these next three weekends are going to be just as crazy. I have been researching and writing all day,…

Apple Cinnamon Breakfast Quinoa

I became a big fan of quinoa for breakfast the moment I tried this Berry Breakfast Quinoa. So, I did some experimenting a few weeks ago. My favorite flavor combination in oatmeal is apple cinnamon, so I decided to make a quinoa version! Apple cinnamon is such a warm, autumnal flavor, and just perfect with […]

WIAW #21 (I Can’t Think of a Good Title)

Hi! How is your day going so far? This week has been very fast for me, despite what I first imagined. It was sooooo difficult getting out of bed at 5:45 on Monday morning after break. Trying to get stuff done this week has been equally challenging! I’ve had a taste of vacation and my […]

Thanksgiving in Pictures

Hello everyone! How was your vacation? For those of you who didn’t celebrate Thanksgiving, how was your weekend? Mine was amazing, but all too fast. I’ll be back soon for more of my regular posts, but for now, here is my Thanksgiving in pictures (with some words 😉 )… I now realize that I totally […]

Happy Thanksgiving!

Hello friends! Happy Thanksgiving! I am taking a break from everything these next couple of days, including blogging, but I’ll be back next week with my regular routine. I hope you all have a great and relaxing weekend! 🙂

Catching Up + Fun Food Survey

Wow. This past week has been just crazy! We’re in week thirteen out of sixteen for the semester, and work is just piling up. I haven’t really had the chance to sit down and bang out all the essays or projects because I’ve been so busy outside of school and work: this past weekend was […]

Individual Apple Crumbles

I have a kinda funny story. On Sunday I felt like experimenting in the kitchen. I wanted a nice, autumnal dessert that was also somewhat light/healthy. It’s “lightness” would be good for both me and my family and also What Would Kathy Eat?‘s Healthy Thanksgiving Challenge. Because I had already made something with pumpkin in […]

WIAW + Spaghetti Squash Love

I said this last week too, but….how is it already Wednesday again?? And how is it that Thanksgiving is a week from tomorrow? Wow. I have the rest of this week to get through, my grandma’s 80th birthday party on Saturday (which should be fun) and just Monday and Tuesday or next week. Then I’m […]

Pumpkin Pancakes

Well folks, it’s T minus nine days until Thanksgiving! I love this holiday, all it stands for, and the food that comes along with it, but I’ve got to be honest…the thing I’m looking forward to the most is the vacation. Yesterday afternoon, my semester got even busier – I’ve been scheduled for five hours […]