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Product Reviews

Hello all! Happy Thursday! I hope your week is going well so far. For some reason, I was totally not feeling the WIAW yesterday; I actually started the post, but became bored with myself and stopped writing it. Hah. We all have those days, I suppose. Anyway, for this week’s Thursday Thoughts, I thought it […]

Thursday Thoughts: Links

All right. You all have to stop writing such great posts! Or not. Because I do like reading them… 😉 I’ve been compiling a rather large list of random readings over the last few weeks. There are a lot of them this time, but I’m still going to try and write a blip about each, […]

Thursday Thoughts: More Links

Hello, everyone! I just cannot believe it’s Thursday already! This summer is just flying by, and while I’ve been enjoying it, I’m not too keen on how fast it’s going. Seriously, how are we already half way through July?? Anyway, for today’s Thursday Thoughts, I’ve compiled a number of links over the last few weeks […]

Thursday Thoughts: Link Edition

So over the last couple of weeks, I’ve been gathering links that I want to share with you all. Some are relevant (to my site) and others are just plain random. 1.  This poem about English Pronunciations is so fun. Just me? Ok. 2.  If you’re on facebook, you probably saw these linguistic conflict maps […]

Thursday Thoughts

Hello all! Happy almost weekend! 😉 I just wanted to pop by with actually just one Thursday Thought: Did you know that this week is Food Allergy Awareness week? (source) I actually learned about this week from Mel via her amazing website Mel’s Kitchen Cafe. She wrote a post on Monday that includes a number […]

Blogiversary + Thursday Thoughts

Guess what??? Today is my Blogiversary! Yep, my blog turns 1 today! I feel like I should bake a cake or something. Oh wait. I always feel like that. 😛 Here is my very first post from a year ago: Why I Am Doing This. It’s really interesting…I think I’ve kind of come off-track from […]

Thursday Thoughts

Happy November! I can’t believe it is already the second to last month of the year…2012 went by wayyyy too fast! It’s been a while since I’ve done a “Thursday Thoughts”, but I had an idea: because this is the month of thanks giving (and Thanksgiving) for Americans at least, I think that every week […]

Thursday Thoughts: A New Blog Project

Hello all! I hope you’re having a great Thursday so far! So I really only have one Thursday Thought to share with you, and that is that I’ve decided to begin a new, short-term project on my blog. It was a month ago yesterday that I left to study abroad in England. It was the […]

WIAW + Thursday Thoughts

Hello! Happy day before the day before the weekend! A continuation of my (attempt at a) new trend, WIAW, can be found below, as can Thursday Thoughts, which I haven’t done in a while. Please feel free to leave some of your own thoughts – sometimes I feel like a crazy person, talking to myself. […]

Thursday Thoughts

1) Happy Belated Valentine’s Day! I hope you all had a good one with the people you care most about. 2) I feel so behind on my recipe updating…I really wish the internet at my apartment was faster so I could get to work. 3) Dan and I made cupcakes on Valentine’s Day. But these […]