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All Natural Green Tea Lemonade

Hello again! It’s rare that I do more than one blog post in a day, but I felt like this recipe needed its own. I also wanted to be sure to share it soon after National Iced Tea Day which was yesterday…I don’t know why I keep learning about these days after they’ve happened… Anyway, […]

WIAW + Spaghetti Squash Love

I said this last week too, but….how is it already Wednesday again?? And how is it that Thanksgiving is a week from tomorrow? Wow. I have the rest of this week to get through, my grandma’s 80th birthday party on Saturday (which should be fun) and just Monday and Tuesday or next week. Then I’m […]

What A Week…Already

We’re halfway through the week! Hooray! This week, I’ve begun my job at the writing center and my weekly five hours in a high school classroom. I’m not allowed to get too detailed on here, but both have been going quite well! Working, pre-student teaching, going to class, doing homework, and working as a study […]

Chai Tea Cupcakes

I have to say, probably my favorite thing to give people for their birthday is food. If I don’t know the person very well, chocolate chip cookies are always the best bet. However, it is the most fun making food for someone I know well, because then I can customize it to exactly what they […]

Neature Walk

Yesterday Dan and I celebrated our 3 year anniversary. Our initial plan was to go to the beach, but since neither of us wanted to drive that far, we decided on Frederick Meijer Gardens instead. It was a gorgeous day – around 85* (Fahrenheit) and sunny, with a nice breeze. Have you seen this Neature Walk video? […]

Thanksgiving Away from Home

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! I will start out today with a list of everything I am thankful for: My family, who is so supportive, funny, caring, and loving every single day of my life. They are truly the best. I love you all!  My friends who cheer me up, make me laugh, and support me every […]

One more month

Happy Friday! I hope you have been having a wonderful Friday! Mine hasn’t been too bad – I got a presentation finished in one of my classes and had a pretty relaxing day overall. I’ll start with a quick recap of my eats yesterday (just the interesting/different ones): Mid-Morning Snack: (E, N) Chocolate Creme frappuccino. […]