Red, White, and Blue: Recipe Roundup

Hello everyone!
For all of my American friends, I hope this is your last day of work/school before the holiday weekend! If not, I hope you’re at least feeling slightly in the holiday spirit. :-)I have next to no energy at this point (after a long week of babysitting and a long, busy weekend), so instead of my usual WIAW post, I decided to do a recipe roundup to get us all prepared for the 4th!
Thanks as always to Jenn for hosting!


Holiday picnics, get-togethers, and BBQs are classic American events in my book, but a lot of times, it’s challenging for people with allergies or intolerance to be able to relax and enjoy themselves at such events. With that in mind, I decided to put together a list of allergy-friendly foods to make and take to your 4th of July celebration!

Breakfast/Brunch Ideas:

My Berry Breakfast Quinoa – that counts as red, white, and blue, right? 😉

Martha Stewart: Firecracker Ice Pops – replace the sugar with honey, and you have yourself a healthy and fun breakfast!

Picture 9(source)

My Healthy Berry Muffins

The Daily Meal: fruit flag waffles – use this as inspiration and make your own or find “friendly” waffles!

Picture 10(source)

Main Dishes:

My Sweet Potato Black Bean Burgers – allergy and vegan friendly!


How Sweet It Is: Crockpot BBQ Beer Chicken sandwiches

Taste of Home: All-American Bacon Cheeseburgers (leave off the cheese for a dairy-free version!)

Southern Living: Best Fried Chicken

Picture 2(source)

Side Dishes/Snacks:

Chocolate Covered Katie: Totally Addictive Cornbread (egg, nut, dairy, and gluten free!)

Picture 3(source)

Lucy’s Friendly Foods: Rainbow ‘Slaw

My Homemade Oven-Baked Fries

Party City: Fruit Flag

Picture 4(source)

PETA: Baked Onion Rings – baked, not fried, and vegan!

My Simple Summer Potato Salad



My All Natural Green Tea Lemonade

Happier Happenings: Red and Blue Ice Cubes served in Sprite. Kid and adult friendly!

Picture 5(source)

Southern Living: 19 Recipes for Sweet Tea

Guy Fieri: Fourth of July Cocktail

In Katrina’s Kitchen: July 4th Layered Drinks – for kids! Ok, so there’s a lot of sugar…but c’mon, it’s a holiday! 🙂

Picture 8(source)


My Key Lime Sorbet – for something refreshing!

My Strawberry Lemon Frozen Yogurt

Use any cheesecake as a base, and try out this decoration!IMG_1296

Pillsbury: Patriotic Cookie Pizza (use my sugar cookie dough as a base!)

Taste of Home: Pretzel SparklersSouthern Queen of Vegan Cuisine: Apple Pie

Picture 11(source)

And there we have it! I hope this post gave you lots of ideas for your holiday celebrations!I probably won’t be posting tomorrow, so please have a wonderful and safe 4th of July! 🙂

Picture 12(source)


  1. So many awesome ideas! Thanks for sharing Liv! 🙂 🙂

  2. Great roundup! I’m so glad I saw this because we might be having people over for the fourth now!

  3. Thanks for linking up all these awesome recipes! There’s nothing like some good food on the fourth 🙂 Even if I don’t make if for the fourth, I really, really want to try your green tea lemonade sometime!

  4. Oh my gosh, those drinks are so pretty! You’re right – holy sugar – but they would be a cute treat. I didn’t know that you could layer based on sugar content!

  5. Although all of these eats look fabulous I would totally devour that key lime pie. Yummmmmm

  6. Great ideas! Love the red, white and blue waffle idea and your sweet potato black bean burger look delish!

  7. I can’t actually pick one thing I want to eat most. It all look delicious.

  8. What a great round-up! Those layered drinks are so vibrant and pretty. I bet they taste pretty good too… 🙂

    I would want to try your strawberry lemon frozen yogurt or those Popsicles from Martha Stewart!

  9. Yay for these recipes…loved themed food. Those Martha Stewart Pops look like a must-make! Thanks for the inspiration:)

  10. LOVE these recipes! Also, I nominated you for the Liebster award!! 🙂

  11. Ooh, I didn’t know you had a recipe for sweet potato black bean burgers- need to try those, ASAP. Maybe even for a party next weekend 🙂 Those fruity flag waffles look amazing, too.
    I LOVE the red white ice cubes. I’ll be down at my parents’ tomorrow and I’m sure my mom will get a kick out of those 🙂
    Have a great holiday, Liv!

  12. Three cheers for recipe roundups. Man oh man. I love when people do themed recipes. Those popsicles have my eye. I’ve been wanting to buy a popsicle maker, but have yet to do so. I am definitely now going to go get a cheap one immediately, so I can start making some great ones like those!

  13. Happy 4th July Olivia!
    I love all these red, white & blue food pics that you’ve compiled. They are awesome. I can’t wait to check out all the recipes!
    Here’s wishing you a fantastic holiday. I hope it’s full of fun & laughter for you & your loved ones ♥

  14. Ah! I wish I’d seen this sooner! Definitely going to save this page for next year! 🙂

  15. your burgers look soooo good! hope you had a fabulous 4th!

  16. Wow, I should really not read food blogs so early in the a.m. and on an empty stomach. It all looks and sounds really good. Great round-up.
    I hope you had a great fourth of July and long weekend.

  17. I love that fruit flag that is quite awesome!

  18. […] because I did a Red, White, and Blue Recipe Roundup last week, I didn’t get a chance to share my weekly eats with you all. This week’s WIAW […]

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