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How is this for a recipe??:

photoIf you follow me on Instagram, you’ll have already seen this, but I just had to share it again with the rest of you. It’s just amazing! I found it in a cookbook called “Carolina Receipts.” Apparently there have been issues of this book coming out since 1950, so a lot of the recipes are old and neat to look at. They’re little historical gems in the way they’re written and some of the phrases. I was flipping through it and stumbled across this one, which I’m guessing was maybe a wedding cake or church reception cake? From 1850? Whatever it was, it’s still very interesting!


Anyway, I hope your Wednesday is off to a great start! I don’t have much time to write, and I want to be sure to get all the good vittles mentioned (yep, I did just use that word), so I’ll just jump right into my What I Ate Wednesday.



Thanks, Jenn, for hosting! Please head on over to her site for more food porn pictures of delicious eats!


This week, I had some fresh, delicious, flavorful blueberries and Cascadian Farm granola to top my usual Greek yogurt. Soooo gooooood.

IMG_1780I swear there is yogurt under all that. 😉


I’ve decided to make my life easier while working by making my lunches ahead of time. This includes any baking or cooking that I might have to do. So, on Sunday, I cooked up a whole bunch of tofu (I sprinkled some seasonings and breadcrumbs over this batch) and have been eating it in salads, like this one.

IMG_1786(I have been suffering from blurry photos lately…pet peeve. Grr.)


Alright, y’all…I don’t think there is any way to photograph gumbo to make it look delicious. But despite that, my first attempt at making gumbo – for Father’s Day dinner – was a success!

IMG_1781This was very good and warming, and I think it will make an appearance again in the future. 🙂

Another fantastic dinner we had over this past week was this prosciutto and provolone-stuffed chicken. My mom made this a few nights ago and wow. Just wow.


When we were last at Costco, my mom picked up a magazine called “Chicken.” Yep, just chicken. Inside are dozens or incredible chicken recipes, which is where we got the two above. It’s by far one of the best cookbook/magazines I’ve ever seen!

Finally, last night I came home from 10 hours of babysitting tired, hungry, and not in the mood to spend too much time in the kitchen. The result: these incredible, simple vegetarian quesadillas. Open-faced quesadillas, I guess. I will definitely be sharing this recipe next week for Meat Free Monday.



As it turns out, my most popular recipe on Pinterest right now is this Easy Key Lime Pie. My dad likes it just as much as everyone else, and requested it for Father’s Day. Oh, I guess I’ll oblige… 😉


In addition to that, I’ve been enjoying another batch of my Strawberry Frozen Yogurt. Talk about some summer-y desserts!


Workouts June 16-22
Sunday: off
Monday: 15 minutes elliptical + weight machines at the gym (In love with these machines…I was taught how to use them in gym class in HS, but never thought I’d ever like them. I guess I was wrong!)
Tuesday: 40 minutes Weight Loss Yoga
Wednesday: 25 minutes jogging + 25 minutes walking on treadmill
Thursday: TurboKick
Friday: rest?
Saturday: see Wednesday

This is going to sound super boring, but I really don’t have too much more to share! For a recap of my week, please feel free to pop on over to my week in review.

Thanks for reading! Have a wonderful Wednesday!


  1. Love the old recipe, Liv! My Grandmom always referred to recipes as receipts. Because of that, when my sister and I are talking about them, we refer to them as “receipts.” Looking forward to the quesadilla receipt!!

    1. I had never seen it called that before! I love that little piece of history, and I love that it’s within your family, too!

  2. Is there anyway that you can share the recipe for that stuffed chicken? I’m vegetarian, but my mom was telling me just yesterday that she wanted to make a stuffed chicken and the one you pictured looks amazing if I do say so myself. I’d love to give her the recipe! 🙂
    That key lime pie is gorgeous! Even though I usually prefer berries and chocolate over citrus, pie is the exception. I LOVE key lime pie and lemon meringue pie! 🙂
    Have a great day!

    1. Hmm. I’ll have to look into copyright issues and things like that, but I will definitely work on it for you (or, your mom, rather!). But thanks – like I said, I’ll try!
      Thanks! I definitely prefer chocolate over citrus, too, but the pie really is great. Definitely the exception to the rule. 😉

  3. jessielovestorun · · Reply

    Yes, please make sure to share this quesadilla recipe with all of us on Monday! It sounds and looks incredible, Liv!

    1. I definitely will! Thanks for holding me accountable. 🙂 And thanks!

  4. Holy geez- That cake recipe should say instead of 1850 for the date, FEEDS 1850 people. That is an awesome find.

    I’ve never had gumbo, but after watching the Disney movie The Princess and the Frog where she (as a frog) makes homemade gumbo for the prince in a big pumpkin 🙂

    I saw where Jessie made your Key Lime pie for father’s day. I can see why it’s so popular on Pinterest!

    1. Haha maybe that *is* what it meant! It really was a great find, I think!
      I’m ashamed to say that I’ve never watched that entire movie. I’ve caught snippets of it, but never the whole thing. But gumbo reminds me of the deep south, too, Disney movie version or regular. 😉
      Thanks! I love that she/her family loved it. That always makes me happy. 🙂

  5. Oh my goodness talk about heart attack! I think my arteries shut down for a second just reading that! Wow! I LOVE Key Lime Pie! Haven’t made it in years but it’s so good!

    1. I know!! That was my first thought, too. Then I couldn’t help but think how much all of those ingredients would have cost! An artery *and* wallet shut down! 😉
      I hadn’t ever had it before I made it, but I am definitely a fan now, too!

  6. That recipe is hilarious! I love old cookbooks- I even done a blog post about some vintage ones I found and am planning another 🙂

    Preparing food ahead of time is a such a smart idea! i only do it once in awhile, haha, but every time I do I’m glad. Even just prepping carrot sticks is a small thing but helps for just grabbing a healthy snack.

    Thanks for the work-out inspiration!

    1. Oh, I can’t wait to see that post! It sounds very interesting.
      I’ve only recently got into food prep, but you’re right, every little bit helps.
      No problem! 🙂

  7. Oh my gosh, that chicken that your mom cooked looks so cheesy delicious!

    I love how you still manage to squeeze in lots of veggies and healthy grains despite your busy schedule. This is something that I’m working on!

    1. It really was. I think there were two slices of provolone in it! Yummmm.
      Aw, thanks! I try, though I will admit that it is difficult. I still have a long way to go!

  8. That recipe would make one HUGE cake! I love old cookbooks – they’re so much fun to look through,

    That stuffed chicken looks so good!

    1. Can you imagine? It’s tempting to try making it to see just how big it would be. But then again, exactly how realistic is that? 😉
      And thanks!

  9. Oh goodness… kind of adoring that cake recipe. 20 pounds or butter, sugar, and flour? That must have made one epic cake. I seriously love old gems like that. I came across an old recipe book of my great grandma’s the last time I was visiting my family in Poland, and it’s always really interesting to see how much things have changed over the years.

    1. “Epic” is the perfect word for that recipe!
      I love old family recipes, too. Most of the recipes I have have changed over the years, but my great-great-grandma’s English pasty recipe has stayed the same! I agree, it is so much fun to look at that stuff.

  10. Yumm that key lime pie looks SO GOOD!!!

    And how could that cake have 20lbs of raisins?!?! hahaha

    1. Thanks!
      Haha I know! Can you imagine the state of a kitchen after making that cake? Crazy!

  11. Wow…that cake recipe is crazy! Bet it’s awfully good though! 😉 I love anything from Cascadian Farms. I’m a big fan if their granola bars. Mmmm…the key lime pie looks delicious!

    1. I bet it is too. All of the ingredients are great, and you’d definitely have leftovers to enjoy for a while. 😉
      I’ve never tried Cascadian Farm’s granola bars. I’ll have to check them out!

  12. kimathungryhealthygirl · · Reply

    What a cool old recipe! I’m heading over to the link to check out that key lime pie recipe!

    1. Thanks! I hope you like(d) the recipe!

  13. What a neat recipe!! 🙂

    1. Isn’t it? It was fun to find it. 🙂

  14. Mmm that granola looks great. And I KNOW that pie was amazing 😉

    1. I just love granola. I wake up every morning craving it!
      Haha I’m seriously so happy you all liked it! 😀

  15. I think your gumbo looks pretty spectacular along with those open faced quesadillas. I want lots of those and a slice of key lime pie please. I heart citrus flavors and any dessert with fruit.

    1. Haha thanks! Actually, pairing the quesadillas and key lime pie together is a great idea! Me too – citrus is such a good way to end a meal.

  16. Oh that pie. It looks so good

    1. Thanks! 🙂

  17. I think I may have actually seen that recipe on Pinterest! That recipe is too funny! It seems so strange that people actually cooked like that!

    1. I know! I can’t even imagine undertaking that project. How would they even keep the leftovers? 😉

  18. moderngirlnutrition · · Reply

    That’s how my yogurt bowls are- granola with a side of yogurt! 😉 Everything looks delish. I love old recipes

    1. Haha exactly! Me too. 🙂

  19. That chicken from your mom looks amazing! (side note isn’t food prep the best for making weeks less crazy?!)

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