Week in Review #6

Hello hello!

It feels like it’s been forever since I last posted. I am really trying to find a balance between work, life, and blogging, buuuuut apparently I haven’t found it yet. While I love it, babysitting is really taking the energy out of me. I come home ever day exhausted and then I have other things to do, and before I know it, I’m passed out in bed. So anyway, I apologize about my lack of posts. Hopefully I’ll get into a groove soon. πŸ™‚

Week in ReviewI’m just going to jump right in to this week’s Week in Review. Thanks for hosting, Meghan!

This past week…

  • If you didn’t notice, I started babysitting full time. It has been a lot of fun already. The kids and I have a system worked out where, if they behave throughout the week, we’ll do a “field trip Friday”. This Friday we’re going to Wendy’s for lunch and then to a playground for a while. It’s cute how excited they are.
  • In addition to babysitting, I’ve been working on stuff for student teaching, like reading, taking notes, doing paperwork, etc. I would be lying if I said it wasn’t a lot of work, but at least it’s stuff I enjoy doing, and the kids seem to be really interested in it.
  • My mom and I did a TurboKick class at a local Snap Fitness on Thursday night. Um, ow. (In a good way.) I’ve taken a few TurboKick classes before, but it’s been a while, so my body had no idea what hit it. It was a lot of fun, though, and I love feeling that sore.
    Picture 1
  • On Friday night, my parents, Dan, and I went to a Grand Rapids Griffins game. I am so not a sports fan (as in, I generally loathe sports), but the Griffins are in the playoffs, we had seats that were right against the ice, and there were 10,000 people there. In short, I had a really good time. I started out just laughing at the fans because they’re ridiculous, but actually ended up getting into the game. With 17 seconds left, the Griffins “scored” a goal, making it 3-2 in their favor, and the place literally erupted…but then the officials reviewed it and said it didn’t count. It was a bummer, but like I said, I had a good time.
  • You know what’s not a good time? A whole bunch of angry, drunk hockey fans cooped up in a parking garage. As we were trying to leave a shouting match ensued, and we were stuck in line in the garage for a good 15 minutes before someone called the police. Apparently a guy backed out of a parking spot and almost hit someone, then got out of his car and started arguing with people. Others were shouting back at him because he was holding up the line, but it must have started to get nasty, because about 10 or so cops showed up to break it up.


    My grainy iPhone photo really adds to the drama, don’t you think? πŸ˜›

  • I got a super fun package in the mail the other day that contained this:
    Picture 2A Life Factory water bottle! I’ve had my eye on one for a while, and now that I’m making money, I decided to buy one. FYI, on Amazon, you can get the 16 oz. bottle for $20, but the 22 oz. for $15.80! Hello, bargain!
  • I “pro-gas-tinated” enough so that now when I fill up my gas tank, it will be for $3.90 a gallon instead of $4.29! Wahoo! (Seriously, though, what is up with these gas prices???)
  • As is usual, Ella makes me laugh on a daily basis. She was so tired a few days ago, I don’t even think she knew what she was doing…
    photo-4Because sure, that’s a perfectly logical and comfortable way to take a nap…photo-3
  • Last but certainly not least, we celebrated a low-key Father’s Day on Sunday with the world’s greatest dad. He really is the best.
    sc0000a898I love that picture. πŸ™‚

And that’s my week in review. My brain power is at a zero right now, so hopefully my list made sense or was at least easy to follow. Ha.

Thanks for stopping by!

Questions for the day:

Do you find it difficult to balance blogging in with other aspects of your life?

What’s your favorite fitness class?

Are you a sports person?

What are the gas prices around where you live?


  1. pickyrunner · · Reply

    You’ve had a busy week! Obviously I’m a sports person πŸ™‚ I actually don’t enjoy watching sports a ton though. I’ll go to red sox games here or there but that’s about it. My favorite fitness class: ZUMBAAAA

    1. I hate baseball in any context except when it’s a Red Sox game. There’s just something about it…maybe it’s the stadium? It’s cool that you live close enough to go occasionally!
      I love Zumba too, despite my embarrassing lack of coordination. πŸ˜‰

  2. I’m very, very much a sports person, since my dad raised me on a steady diet of Sports Center. πŸ™‚ I love watching live hockey, but my gawd, that parking garage fight sounds ridiculous! It’s amazing how tempers flare (and often to a totally ludicrous extent) in situations like that — I think there must be some sort of collective testosterone surge from watching full contact sports while downing brewskis that makes some dudes go a little bonkers. What an ending to you night!

    1. It’s interesting that you went *that* way with your “Sports Center diet” – I went the exact opposite way! I think I got so tired of hearing and watching sports that it caused part of my dislike of them. πŸ˜›
      Haha a “collective testosterone surge” is the perfect description of what that was. Just crazy. It really was a pretty good ending to the night!

  3. Hahahahahaha omg Ella always cracks me up. and such a cute pic!

    1. Me too! And thanks! πŸ˜‰

  4. I love watching hockey… almost as much as I love watching drunk Hockey fans!! I tried kick type class once at school and NEVER again (apparently it requires some thing called “coordination” which I do not possess). πŸ™‚

    1. Haha seriously! I couldn’t stop laughing at them. Some of them were just so ridiculous.
      Oh gosh, I am so horribly uncoordinated. I was avoiding looking in the mirror during that class – yikes! At least it’s fun. πŸ™‚

  5. Yes to your first question. I always find time to read blogs, when I rarely have time to blog myself or respond to comments. And I am slacking on my WIAW reading 😦

    Favorite fitness class- Zumba.

    Sports person? Definitely not. Lol. But I do like watching sometimes depending on the reason. For example I have always like watching my brother’s basketball games, especially this year when he’s on varsity that will be fun. And Cleveland Cav games are exciting, but not so much for the sport as just the atmosphere.

    Gas is about 3.85 right now where I’m at. Lately it’s been around 4.00 though. Crazy!

    1. Oh, and super cute pictures of Ella as always. Love them! And great picture with your dad.

    2. I’m so behind, too. It’s driving me nuts, but I guess I’ll just have to do the best I can with it all!
      I love Zumba, too. πŸ™‚
      That’s so great that you like to watch your brother’s games! He’s a lucky guy. Not many siblings like to do that for each other…at least not from what I’ve noticed. πŸ˜‰ But I agree, the atmosphere definitely makes the game for me. That’s what was so great about the hockey game.

  6. That looks like SUCH an uncomfortable position for your dog to sleep in. You have to wonder what goes through their heads.

    1. I so wish they could invent a doggie mind-reader. I would love to know what she’s thinking!

  7. It is SO hard for me to balance blogging with everything else in life. You are not alone. It’s ‘easy’ for me now, since it’s summer, but when school starts full time again in August, I might only be able to post once a week and I hate that!
    Not really a sports fan either, I can understand just being entertained by ridiculous fans πŸ™‚

    1. It’s good to know I’m not alone. I actually think my school schedule was less grueling than my summer work schedule (!), so it was easier for me in the fall. Hopefully I’ll get into a good routine soon! I’m glad yours is easier right now. πŸ™‚

  8. the photo of ella is adorable!!

  9. don’t stress lady, sounds like life is exciting and busy so we are always here when you can and want to drop a line. Love catching up!

    1. Aw, thanks Alex, you’re too sweet. πŸ™‚

  10. jessielovestorun · · Reply

    Sounds like you had a great past week. I’m a huge sports fan; football, baseball, hockey, basketball, wrestling… you name it, I watch it πŸ™‚ (minus golf.. borringg))

  11. […] This is going to sound super boring, but I really don’t have too much more to share! For a recap of my week, please feel free to pop on over to my week in review. […]

  12. What a lovely Week In Review and you got to spend so much time with family. That’s great. I’d love to try a turbo class, because I enjoy getting my ass handed to me in a workout. I’m sick, but I like it.
    When I first started blogging I really struggled with juggling it all and ultimately switched from five days a week to four days a week to three days a week with breaks thrown in. You need to recharge your batteries from time to time. It’s important.

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