Top 12 in 2012

Happy New Year’s Eve, everyone!

To celebrate the end of 2012, I thought I might put together a list of your favorite recipes (based on amount of views, searches, likes, and comments) and my favorite posts, just for something a bit fun and different!

This past year has been a very good one overall. Nothing extreme happened in my life, which I’m ok with – no news is good news, in my opinion! I got to spend lots of valuable time with my immediate and extended family, and now have wonderful memories from those times. I continued great friendships and made some new ones, got further in my education (which in a way freaks me out – I’m almost done with my undergrad degree), relived the best experience of my life with you all, and furthered my love of writing and cooking partially by way of this blog! So, that being said, I’d say 2012 was a good year indeed. 🙂

Top 12 Recipes of 2012 (in no particular order)


  1. Protein Smoothie
  2. Berry Breakfast Quinoa
  3. Pumpkin Pancakes
  4. Homemade Clif Bars
  5. Quinoa Oat Energy Bites
  6. Meat Free Monday: Stuffed Peppers
  7. Meat Free Monday: Pan Seared Tofu
  8. Skinny Chicken Parmesan
  9. Spaghetti Squash Love
  10. 5 Minute Chocolate Mug Cake
  11. Individual Apple Crumbles
  12. Christmas Confetti Cookies

Top 12 Favorite Posts of 2012


  1. Saturday Shenanigans: Grand Haven
  2. A Summer Weekend
  3. Lovely London
  4. Brighton, England
  5. Hampton Court Palace
  6. My 21st Birthday
  7. A Friend in England + Oxford
  8. Cardiff, Wales Recap
  9. Switzerland
  10. Paris, France
  11. Last Days in London
  12. Merry Christmas!

Of course, I can’t be sure what changes 2013 will bring, but I’m hoping they will all be positive! I have just one more semester of classes to go, then student teaching, and then I will be a graduated university student trying to figure out what I want to do with my future.

What were some of your favorite moments in 2012?

What are you looking forward to most in 2013?

See you on the flip-side! 😀


  1. My favorite moment of 2012 will be in a couple hours, when we finally get coffee. 🙂

    1. Awwwww me too!! 🙂

  2. Are you graduating in the spring? I just graduated and it’s a crazy experience! Have a great New Year’s Eve 🙂

    1. I’ll graduate next fall, but my last semester of classes will be in the spring! (I have student teaching after.) You too!

  3. I’m off to read all these recipes and posts 🙂 Happy New Year’s!

  4. Kyra (Scribbles & Sprinkles) · · Reply

    Looking forward to more food discoveries and brand new opportunities!
    Happy new year!

  5. Great recap, can’t wait to check more of them out! have a great night.

  6. Your recipes look amazing!
    As well as your last year!
    May the next one be more exiting and beautiful!
    Happy New Year, Liv!

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