It’s almost June, right?

We’ve had a very bizarre couple of days here in Michigan…temperatures not even reaching 60*, going down to 40* at night, and overcast. The weather man said that today’s average temperature is 77*, but it’s gloomy, rainy, and super cold out! Crazy…

Anyway, here’s the next episode of What I Ate Wednesdays!

Apparently, I’m not so great at it. My picture of breakfast was horrible (I blame the fact that it was very early/dark out, and my camera doesn’t take great food pictures), and I forgot to take one of my lunch. Oops.


A strawberry/blueberry protein smoothie and a Van’s blueberry waffle.

Lunch was a salmon burger, brown rice, and frozen mixed veggies.


El Matador tortilla chips.

Light yogurt.

A serving of dark chocolate M&Ms (over the course of the day).


Whole wheat spaghetti with red sauce (marinara and lean ground beef).

Dessert was a couple of spoonfuls of this horrible for you, absolutely delicious ice cream called Caramel Caribou: vanilla ice cream with caramel swirl and chocolate covered caramel cups. Say that five times fast. 🙂

This week’s workouts:

Sunday: P90x – yoga
Monday: Elliptical trainer – 45 minutes
Tuesday: Jogging
Wednesday: P90x – Kenpo
Thursday: rest
Friday: Jogging
Saturday: P90x – yoga

In other news, I just wrote a 700+ word post on our second day in Liverpool. When I went to add in the pictures (I always do that after I write the post), all of my words disappeared. Every last one was somehow deleted. GAH! Has anyone else had that problem before???

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