Happy 12/12/12!

By the time most of you read this (I wrote it last night 🙂 ), I will be on my way home for Christmas break!!


I enjoyed (most) of this past semester, but I’ve got to be honest: I’m so glad it’s done. That does mean, though, that I only have one semester of classes left and one of student teaching, and then I’m out in the real world…….eep.

Anyway, on to another round of What I Ate Wednesday!



As it turns out, this week won’t be too full of fun foods. My camera is still broken, and I guess while I was at home, I didn’t deem too many things suitable enough to take pictures of! Oops. But, here’s what I did have…

Two delicious versions of Irish soda bread:

IMG_0690 IMG_0757

Tuna “salad”. We didn’t have any peas, otherwise I would have thrown those in there too – this is just tuna, Greek yogurt, and Craisins all mixed up.

IMG_0713With a side of steamed veggies.


Chicken and apple salad, with balsamic vinegar on top.


Cheese and apple salad, with balsamic vinegar on top and a tilapia filet on the side.


Sunday roast beef with potatoes and carrots – and some Irish soda bread!


A Starbucks double chocolate chip frappuccino light. (<– What a name.)


And finally, some frozen yogurt.

Picture 2

Yes, that is a recycled image. But there’s a reason (other than the fact that I don’t have a camera): I Googled frozen yogurt to try and find a generic picture of some to post, and one of my own pictures popped up! I thought that was pretty nifty, so I decided to use it again. 🙂

Workouts December 9-15
Sunday: 40 minutes elliptical + circuit training
Monday: none
Tuesday: none
Wednesday: Pilates
Thursday: 30 minutes jogging + 20 minutes walking on treadmill
Friday: P90X yoga
Saturday: circuit training? jogging? elliptical??

In other news, I got my food allergies retested this past week. I’d been wanting to do this for a while, but I had to get my EOE checked out first and they couldn’t schedule me til December blah blah blah…You know how it goes with appointments. 😉 On Monday I went into the office and got some patch testing done. If you’re not familiar with it, patch testing is where they literally patch bits of foods onto the skin on your back, wait 48 hours, take the patches off, and assess the reaction. (That’s why you see no exercises for Monday and Tuesday…I can’t sweat or shower, which has not been fun. I’ve done sponge baths but let’s just say I really used to take showers for granted! 🙂 )

This is what it looks like. It is not comfortable.

This is what it looks like. It is not comfortable.


The previous times I had gotten my allergies tested, I had gotten the skin prick method, which is where they purify foods into drops and prick the surface of the skin, let a few drops in, and then assess the reaction. I guess patch testing is a somewhat new thing, so I’m interested to see what the results are…

…Well, interested and nervous. They did a safety patch test on my forearm before the one on my back, and I did not react very well to rye (in fact, she didn’t even put that one on my back, the reaction was so bad), corn, rice, and worst of all, wheat.


But, we shall see. I’m trying not to get too worked up about a possible wheat allergy. I go in for the results tomorrow – wish me luck!

I have some fun posts coming up within the next couple of days. I’m slightly behind on my Study Abroad 2011 recaps (if you are, too, please check out my posts on Paris: here and here!), and as 12/17/11 was my last day there, I’d better get going with the posts! It’s just that I’ve been so busy with finals week that I haven’t had time to do too much.

Anyway, that’s all I have for now – have a great day!


  1. Happy 12/12/12 to you too!

    I’m definitely wishing you luck on those allergy tests. They had me do the RAST blood test, not the skin prick test, because my allergist thinks they’re more reliable. Not really sure why though? Anyways, rye shouldn’t be too hard to avoid if you’re allergic. Say NO to wheat though 😉 Interested to hearing your results!

    1. Yeah, I wondered about the blood test too. It does seem more reliable since it’s from the inside…not too sure how much skin testing can tell us. It’s interesting though!

      Thanks for the well-wishes! 🙂

  2. Ohhhh best kind of frappuchino for SURE. YUM!!! I love anything with chocolate 😉 haha

    1. Meeeee too! 🙂

  3. mmmm now I want irish soda bread :P. Good luck with your results!

  4. I concur with what Jessiebear said above…I have a mean craving for soda bread haha…fingers crossed no wheat allergy!!!

    1. Haha soda bread IS super good! 🙂 And thanks for the well-wishes!

  5. OK, is it dried cranberries or cherries in all of your meals?
    They make the food look divine and I bet flavors it a lot as well?

    1. It’s dried cranberries – I looove dried cherries, but the crops were so bad around here, we haven’t had any this year!

      Yessss they do! 🙂

  6. Ooh, allergy tests are not fun! I wish you the best! Love the irish soda bread; now I want some! 🙂

    Glad to have found your blog! I have enjoyed reading it!

    1. Thanks for the well-wishes! And thank you so much!

  7. jessielovestorun · · Reply

    Sending you prayers & wishing you good luck w/ your allergy tests! I also hope you had a safe trip back home girl. Enjoy time w/ all of your loved ones ❤

    && as always, your meals look amazing!

  8. courtneybentley · · Reply

    Sending you love and light as you wait for your results! I got the prick method and let me just say I’m so happy I did! My skin cleared up and my energy levels are sky rocket! Dairy and I are not friends! Love and shine court

    1. Thank you so much! I think dairy is a super common allergy…I’m glad you got everything sorted out, too! 🙂

  9. Your soda break looks lovely.

    1. Thanks! Both were pretty delicious. 🙂

  10. I want all of your salads, they look amazing!
    Good luck with the allergy test results.

  11. Great pics of great eats! 🙂

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