Liverpool Recap: Day Two

I’m so glad so many of you enjoyed my recap of our first day in Liverpool! I love being able to connect with others through travel!

Our second day started bright and early – my mom and I wanted to get out and grab breakfast before actually beginning our day. We were out of the hotel before 8:00, so we were able to walk around and explore the streets in peace and quiet. The lack of people and noise in the city was very strange, but also relaxing. (Or not so strange, considering it was so early on a Saturday morning!)

After stopping at a Beatles souvenir shop, we rushed back to the docks to meet our group and tour Paul McCartney and John Lennon’s childhood homes!

The tour was given through England’s National Trust, and was completely amazing. I don’t even think you need to be a Beatles freak to have enjoyed it! Our driver (whose name I unfortunately forgot) was very nice, personable, and knowledgeable. He grew up in Liverpool and obviously shared the same love for the band as the rest of the people on the bus did! Beatles tunes were playing throughout the drive, and our driver would set it up so that certain songs were playing when we passed certain landmarks/places (like Penny Lane or Strawberry Field). So cool.

The first stop on the tour was John Lennon’s childhood home, Mendips. It was actually owned by his Aunt Mimi, the woman who took care of John through most of his childhood. Pictures weren’t allowed inside, but let me tell you, it was surreal standing in the places where the music was first composed and played!

Next up was Paul McCartney’s childhood home. Paul lived here with his father, mother (until she passed away), and brother. Our tour guide for this home had lots of interesting stories about the family, and even told us that Paul had mentioned bringing his new wife to visit his old home some time soon. My mom and I had our fingers crossed the entire time, hoping he would choose the day that we were there!

He didn’t.

Oh well. 🙂

After their homes, our driver took us around and showed us other places, including Ringo’s father’s old home. Check out what he did in the mortar of the bricks above his door:

Good idea for a DIY project. 😉

When our tour wrapped up, my mom and I had to hurry up to the train station to catch our train to London. About two seconds after we got there, we had learned the train was cancelled, and we were put on another. This one took over four hours to get back to London, compared to the train we were supposed to take, which was about two hours long. We didn’t get to spend my mom’s last night out in London, but at least we got to be together. 🙂

I absolutely loved Liverpool, and while I think it might make it better, you don’t need to be a Beatles fan to fully enjoy it!

Please let me know if you have any questions! I’d also love to hear about your experiences in Liverpool, if you’ve had any!

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