Week in Review #9

Good morning, everyone!

I hope that your week is off to a great start. Mine sure is: we spent the afternoon at the neighbors’ pool again yesterday, which first of all makes the day seem to go quicker, and second is just plain old amazing. Seriously, that pool. I want.

Also, the weather has been in the upper 80s, which I just love. I know I’ll probably be complaining about it in a few days, but I’d soooo rather have this heat and even the humidity (which does horrible things to my already curly hair) than any bit of cold, snow, or sleet. YUCK.

Before I get started on my Week in Review, I have a question for my fellow WordPress users: did your stats/views spike over the weekend? Mine soared for absolutely no reason, and looking at the details of the stats, it just doesn’t add up. I’m wondering if there was a glitch in the system? I’m very curious…

Week in Review

Thanks for hosting yet another great WiR party, Meghan!

This past week…

  • I spent almost the entire day Thursday by myself, with absolutely no pressures or anything on my agenda. Not even a workout. It was really quite nice.
  • (This was over a week ago, but I forgot to post about it…) I got my Sweat Pink gear! Yay!
    photo-1I’ve already given some of the laces to the girls I watch, and they really liked them.
  • Guess who else enjoyed the shoelaces?
    IMG_1892Little bugger…
  • I watched fellow blogger Colleen on House Hunters! HH is one of my favorite shows, so when I read that her hunting adventure was going to be playing, I was very excited! It was also fun to read her “behind the scenes” take on it…I always wonder how much is edited or scripted, even on shows like that.
  • On Thursday, I went to a craft store with the kids, and bought some paint for my upcoming vacation. Hopefully I’ll be inspired enough to do something with it, and not suddenly become unmotivated. 😉
  • I posted two recipes on the blog:
    Black Bean Brownies (recipe courtesy Skinnytaste)…
    IMG_1899…and Egg-Free Frittata.
  • On Friday, my two little cousins came over for a weekend stay. My aunt and uncle had a weekend to themselves to enjoy, so we got the boys through Sunday. I didn’t take a lot of pictures, but had a lot of fun. They’re some of the sweetest kids I’ve ever known, so it was a blast being with them.
  • While Ella always does a great job with kids (and was so cute running around with the boys), she sure was glad to have me all to herself Sunday afternoon. She curled up on my lap multiple times, and stayed quite near me the whole day.
    photoI didn’t mind.
  • I enjoyed summer’s totally unpredictable weather last night in the form of a storm that rumbled but never rained.


    That yellow hue the sky gets before a storm is both exciting and frightening to me.

  • And, as per usual (as in, this happens once a week or so), I became very nostalgic thinking about England. I miss it so much over there, and it doesn’t help that two of my best friends will be living in the U.K. next year! (I’m looking at you, Sarah and Sam!) Good thing I can visit…now the question of how to get the money to do so comes about…

Overall, I didn’t have exactly what you might call a thrilling week, but it was full of good times, and honestly, a run-of-the-mill, normal week is ok, in my opinion.


Questions for the day:

Are you going through a massive heat spike where you live?

Would you ever go on House Hunters?

If you have a pet, is it more often your shadow, or does it keep its space?

Do you ever feel nostalgic about a trip you’ve taken or an experience you had?

I hope you all have a lovely Tuesday. 🙂


  1. My dog knows know boundaries. She has no personal bubble. 🙂

    Maybe your statistics spiked because you are just that awesome and everyone loves your recipes? Did you ever think of that? 😉

    I saw someone else mention that Colleen was going to be on House Hunters and I am seriously mad that I am without a tv. I wonder if they put any episodes online after they have aired?

    And yes to the heat. It’s so muggy!

    1. Now I’m more curious… Was it a really big spike?

    2. Haha sounds like Ella. I have to admit, I like it that way, though. Perhaps that’s why I’m not a cat person.
      Aw, haha you’re too nice. The spike was about a thousand more views than I normally get, which is why it was so weird. I have no idea what that was about, but hopefully it wasn’t just a glitch!
      I bet they do have HH online somewhere, but if not, I know they repeat episodes quite frequently, so hopefully you’ll catch it!

  2. Funny, I actually had a big spike on Sunday, before I even published my new post. Weird! But hey, brings up my averages 😉
    I understand about missing England- I’ve been longing for certain past travel destinations, myself. I hope you do figure out a way to visit your friends!

    1. Oh yeah, I’m not complaining about the new numbers! It was just such a biiiig spike that I was wondering if the WP counters were off or something.
      I can only imagine you have nostalgia at times, with all of the wonderful places you’ve visited!

  3. Omg Ella is hilarious. And ahhhh I feel ya on missing England!

  4. I know I’ll regret saying this… but I’d almost love a heat wave. It won’t quit raining here and the humidity is out of control!

    Those black bean brownies look amazing! I need to make mine again…

    1. I’m so late on commenting back to people, but I hope the weather has started clearing up for you!

  5. we are indeed going through the heat spike but i don’t mind it! i grew up in FL and this is fine with me. i refuse to complain about heat. i picked one temp to complain about – freezing – and i complain about it all winter long 😛
    your pup is so cute with the shoelaces! that thursday with no responsibilities or plans sounds quite fabulous. good for you for taking that time to recharge! it can be hard to do sometimes. i love eggs but oh baby that egg free fritatta looks fab.

    1. Haha I’m with you – if I’m going to complain about a temperature, it’s going to be the cold!
      Aw, thanks. I swear she’s a cat sometimes. Strings are her favorite things to play with!
      It is really hard for me to just settle down for a day, but I did enjoy it.
      Thanks! My dad, who loves eggs, said it was really good, so I know it does the trick for a “frittata.” 🙂

  6. Those brownies look delicious! This is the second post I’ve read today about brownies – it’s like I’m supposed to be eating them or something.

    The summer after I graduated university I spent over a month travelling in Europe. It was an epic trip with 8 or 9 countries. Sometimes it was exhausting, but I would go back again in a heartbeat.

    1. Thanks! Maybe it was some sort of force willing you to make brownies. 😉
      Oh my gosh, that sounds just incredible! I can only imagine how exhausting it was, but really, it would be so worth it!

  7. i can’t believe that fritatta is eggless – I mean it looks so fluffy

    1. It is! I’m surprised by it myself!

  8. I’m still drooling over your frittata recipe you shared on Monday. It’s like it gets better looking each time you post a photo 🙂

  9. Yes, to the massive heat spike and I hate it! 95+ is way too hot for this girl.

  10. Your dog is just the cutest, Liv!

  11. I want to try these black bean brownies. I’ve seen them a lot recently and they look good!

  12. Ella is just so darn cute.
    I like run of the mill weeks, sometimes even better than jam packed weeks, and I love entire days to myself with nothing to do. It’s hard for me to be still and those days are perfect for that. By the way, for being a run of the mill week, you sure accomplished a whole heck of a lot. I’m impressed.

    1. I have a really hard time sitting still, too, but sometimes it’s good to force myself to.

  13. I only JUST saw the shout out! And I hope you can visit. That would be so great.

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