Super Bowl Sunday Recap, An Apology, and A Recipe

First of all, I am sorry to those of you out there reading my blog. While I’m about 100% sure that nobody noticed I wasn’t blogging, I still feel guilty :-/ I have made it a goal to update at least one recipe a week, and try and stay on top of my Thursday Thoughts.

But for now, how about a Super Bowl Sunday recap?

To be completely honest, I don’t have a favorite sport. I don’t even really like sports. (I like being active, but am hopeless when it comes to being athletic.) However, if I am going to watch a sport, it’s probably going to be football. While I’d prefer watching it in real life – vs. on TV, where the commercial breaks end up making the game about 3 or 4 hours long – the Super Bowl is one that I actually like watching on TV. Not for the game, though. For the commercials.


My favorites of this year?
1. Doritos Baby Sling 
2. Clint Eastwood’s “It’s Halftime, America”
3. VW’s Motivated Dog (I know that’s not really what it’s about, but I thought that it was so cute!

So, basically, I was with my family, eating special “Super Bowl” food, watching Super Bowl commericals this past Sunday, but, during the game (unless it was a replay of something good), I was looking at a book of photographs from the Beatles’ Final Tour, and taking pictures of Ella. Haha.


My mom and I had plans to each make something for the big game, but when it came down to it, I nixed one of my items (because I figured we would be eating enough calories as it was), and didn’t end up totally finishing the other! Fail. The recipe that I did start was Skinny Mozzarella Sticks, which I will be finishing this weekend. I’ll upload the recipe when I’m done!

My mom was the only one who ended up making anything. It was inspired by something she had seen on Pinterest. Oh, and, by the way, if you’re looking for a healthy Super Bowl recipe, you might want to look elsewhere 😉

Braided Calzones (E, N)
makes 4 servings, 2 large calzones

2 cans of rolled pizza dough (we used Pillsbury)
1/2 cup pizza sauce, divided
1 cup shredded mozzarella, divided
Various toppings, such as: mushrooms, green bell pepper, pepperoni, olives, etc.


  1. Preheat oven to temperature stated on can. Roll/spread out each pizza dough onto a greased baking sheet (2 rolls/cans = 2 baking sheets = 4 portions).
  2. Top each pizza with 1/4 cup sauce, various toppings, and 1/4 cup cheese. Leave about an inch between the top and bottom of the dough and toppings, and about 4-5 inches from the sides of the dough and the toppings. (See picture.)
  3. Using a pizza cutter, slice strips starting at side edges of dough, and ending about an inch from the toppings.
  4. Fold the end that is closest to you over the toppings. Next, crisscross the strips over the pizza, alternating sides, until you reach the last two strips.
  5. For my mom, the last two strips were too big, so she cut off the parts that overlapped, and crossed them over. Fold the far end over.
  6. Bake in the oven as directed on the can; about 20 minutes, or until top is golden brown, and bottom is no longer dough-y.
    (Mom had to redo the top one a couple of times, which is why it looks like a Halloween mummy 😛 )
  7. Cut each calzone in half, and enjoy!

– I know the directions are kind of confusing – let me know if you have any questions! I hope the pictures help.
– You could, of course, use as much sauce as you like – my family just isn’t a fan of too much, which is why I wrote 1/2 cup total.
– We had four people with different likes/dislikes eating these calzones. You can customize these to feed however many people you want: my mom and I split one, and on my half I had pepperoni, green pepper, and cheese. She had those things and mushrooms. You could serve three or four people per calzone – just divide it up as you please!

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