WIAW and WiR

Hello hello!

First of all, how is it already Wednesday? I can’t believe how fast these weeks have been going by.

Second, who else (in the U.S. – or anywhere, really) is going through a major heat wave? It was 93* here yesterday! I loved it. It could stay like this through February and I’d be a happy camper.

Annnyway, I think that fills my quota for small talk. Let’s get on to the eats and the week in review! I decided to combine these two posts, simply because I haven’t been taking very many pictures of my food lately, and because it’s a huge time saver!

I’m linking this post up to both Jenn’s WIAW:


(By the way, head on over to her site and congratulate her on her adorable new baby!)

And Meghan’s Week in Review:

Week in Review

Thanks for hosting these great link parties, ladies!

This past week…

  • I successfully completed one week of student teaching, and am now on my second week/first full week! I’m still amazed at how well it’s going. It’s not like I doubted myself, exactly, it’s just more or less that I didn’t know what to expect, and therefore expected the worst. Know what I mean?
  • On Monday on my way to school, we had a storm like I’ve never seen before. My commute usually takes me 20-25 minutes, but it took me 40, because it was literally impossible to see due to the rain. The only time I could see anything was when the lightning lit up the sky! Somehow my trusty little Subaru managed to drive through feet-deep pools of water and still live to tell the tale. I did too, for that matter. To say I was a nervous wreck on the way to the school is an understatement!

Don’t worry – I was parked when I took this.

  • I’ve been whitening my teeth for the past three nights in a row. I have to say, I’m not the biggest fan of the whole thing. The gel burns unpleasantly and the mouthpiece is just gross to wear. Thankfully it only takes 7-10 days for the full effect.
  • If you hadn’t noticed, I’d cut back quite a bit on the low-acid diet I had taken up. This was because (and I didn’t mention it on LLL because I didn’t want to jinx it) my acid problems had reduced quite a bit. Welllll I took it too fast and they’re back again, which means I’m back on that diet and miserable again. Boo.
  • That said, here’s one interesting meal I enjoyed over the last week:

It was chicken, edamame, and Craisins mixed with wild rice. My dad bought a pound of this wild lake rice in the U.P. and I finally cooked it up. I wanted the dish to look really cool and taste good, which is where the seemingly random ingredients came from.


  • The leaves have started changing. While I do love fall, it makes me so sad that summer is over. And even more sad that fall is clouded by the fact that winter comes after it.


  • As I’m out of the house by 6:50 am and not getting back until 3:30 or 4 pm, I really don’t get to see Ella too much. When I do, though, she is happy as a clam. 🙂 And so am I.

Doggie kisses.

  • Where did that saying come from, anyhow?
  • I just looked it up: apparently clams look like they’re smiling, so they’re happy. Heh. Little trivia lesson for you all.
  • One of the things I snacked on a few times last week was a piece of toast with sunbutter and jelly on top. Yummmm.


  • Another snack I enjoyed for the first time in weeks (because of my acid problems) was a chocolate chip frappuccino. It was soooo good. I won’t be treating myself to one for a while again, as my reflux is acting up again, but boy was it good.


  • I am in tv heaven right now. Three of my favorite shows are on: Boardwalk Empire, Breaking Bad, and The White Queen. Unfortunately, the first two come on at the same time, but it’s all good – we have DVR. 😉
  • Over the weekend, my parents and I went to the local farmer’s market. We got green beans, nectarines (SO GOOD), apples, and a spaghetti squash. I just love farmer’s markets.
  • For those of you keeping track, Sarah is safely in Scotland and seems to be enjoying it so far. I haven’t had a chance to talk with her too in depth yet, but hopefully I will soon!
  • Last but not least (of course), I’ll end with dessert. My desserts over the last week weren’t spectular by any means…except one. I made myself a 5-Minute Chocolate Mug Cake. I topped it with lots of whipped cream and ate it out of the mug (this is a recycled picture), and I was in chocolate bliss.


To end this post on a funny note, everyone who likes the tv show FRIENDS (which is like everyone except my dad), please go and check out this Buzzfeed, Signs You’re Still Addicted to Friends. So funny and scary accurate.

howyoudoinHave a wonderful day, everyone!


  1. THAT MUG CAKE. Mmmmm.

  2. Okay I checked out the Friends Feed and have to admit: I AM AN ADDICT!

    1. Haha I know, me too!

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