Would You Rather + 5K Decision

Happy Friday, everyone!

First of all, thanks to those of you that gave me sunscreen recommendations. I’ll keep them in mind next summer when I’m searching for some! 🙂

I do want to share a site that my friend Jessica told me about yesterday after reading my post. It’s to the EWG (Environmental Working Group), which I’ve talked about before, but this link is specifically to their page on sunscreens. You can browse by brand and see what the EWG rates each product. So helpful. Thanks again, Jessica!


Fitness Friday

For Fitness Friday, I decided to complete this fun Running Style Survey by Cori of Olive to Run. (If you want to too, head on over to her site, read her hilarious answers, and link up your own!)

Picture 4

Let the silliness begin…

Would you rather… Be dressed up like a Zombie for a race OR be chased by a Zombie during a race?

Definitely be dressed up as one. There’s actually a race that goes on in GR around Halloween called The Zombie Dash!

Picture 5(source)

Would you rather… train with Chuck Norris or train with Arnold Schwarzenegger?

I suppose Chuck Norris, though I don’t really know anything about him. I do know he was on a Bowflex commercial once, so that makes him pretty legit. Plus Arnold seems kinda weird.

Would you rather…Get stuck in an elevator after a race with other people and have to pee or get stuck in a port-a-potty at your race?

The elevator after. There’s nothing worse than having to pee while you’re running – except port-a-potties. Ew.

Would you rather… drink milk as you run your race or drink soda/pop?

Definitely pop. I actually don’t ever drink milk (it comes from years of not doing so because of my allergies, so the thought of it is just weird). Both would be seriously uncomfortable, though!

Picture 6(source)

Would you rather… puke all the way down the front of yourself during a race or have someone ELSE puke on your foot?

I’d rather have my own puke on myself than someone else’s. Having someone else throw up on me would consequentially make me throw up. Then I’d really be in trouble!

Would you rather… be three feet taller than you currently are or three feet shorter than you currently are?

I’d be 8’11” if I grew three feet, or 2’11” if I shrank three. I’m going to have to go with taller. 🙂

Would you rather… sing call me maybe on repeat during a race OR do the macarena the entire race?

I absolutely loathe that song (it gets stuck in my head for dayyyyys on end), but doing the macarena for an entire race would be exhausting! Unfortunately, I’d have to chose Call Me Maybe.

Would you rather… have someone’s snot rocket hit you in the face or someone’s blood from chaffing hit you in the face?

Oh gosh. I hate snot. I can deal with #1 and #2, throw up, and blood, but snot? Nope. The blood would be nasty, too, though. Can I choose neither?

Would you rather… receive a beautiful, shiny medal at the end of your race OR have the race organizers donate $100 to a charity after you finish a race?

I would choose charity over a medal any day. Medals don’t really mean too much to me. $100 to a charity would mean a whole lot. I wish that could always happen at the end of a race!

Would you rather… “hit the wall” halfway through your race distance and struggle the rest of the way OR get close to the end feeling great the whole time but end up having to DNF?

It would be so disappointing to make it almost all the way through a race only to get a DNF, so I’d rather hit a wall halfway through. You can always walk it, right? 😉

Picture 7(source)

Your turn! Pick one question and answer it in the comments!

Ok, next item of Fitness Friday business: I really want to run another 5K in the fall. I have to plan it around my allergies, so after the summer hayfever is gone, but before the mold sets in. I figured the end of October would be the perfect time, and there are two races I’m looking at during that time.

The first is Run Thru the Rapids, which is in downtown Grand Rapids. The course is along the river, which would make for really pretty views, and it’s downtown, so my allergies wouldn’t be as much of a concern.

Picture 8

The other is the Alger Heights Halloween 5K. This goes through a neighborhood, so again, I wouldn’t be bored with the scenery. It’s also a Halloween 5K, so you can dress up (or not), which might be fun.

Picture 9

Sooo…which one should I do? Which would you pick?


That’s all for now, folks! Have a great weekend!


  1. lol the Zombie run is hilarious! I never thought they had one of those but I think I would totally go for that 🙂

    1. It certainly sounds interesting! 😉

  2. I would always drink pop over milk before exercising of any sort. Heat + milk = yuck.

    I think both races sound like a lot of fun, but I would probably pick the Halloween race because you can dress up. Have you ever done a theme race before?

    1. Ugh, exactly. Just thinking of that makes me sick!
      Nope, I’ve only ever done one race before. I think the theme would be fun, too! I’d just have to keep an eye on the weather…it’d be hard to make a good costume that was also warm! 🙂

  3. Love the survey! 🙂

  4. Hahaha what a fun survey!! That would be amazing if race organizers donated $100 after finishing! Running for a cause is always the best and would probably inspire me to run even faster! 🙂

    Both of those 5k’s sound awesome, but I would probably choose Run Thru the Rapids because I love running next to water. But really, I don’t think you could go wrong with either!

    1. It would be a great inspiration. It would probably get more people to join, too!
      I’m kinda leaning toward the Rapids race, too, for the same reason!

  5. If it were me, I’d choose Run Thru the Rapids. Imagining running along the river just sounds lovely!

    1. That’s what I’m thinking too! Thanks for the opinion. 🙂

  6. What a fun questionnaire. I say do both races!

  7. Love this survey and your answers. 🙂 And congrats on the decision to do another 5 k, both look really great!

  8. […] that note, my mom has decided to do a fall 5K with me! We’re going to do Run Thru the Rapids, because the views of the river will be nice, […]

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