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Hello all! Happy Thursday!

I hope your week is going well so far. For some reason, I was totally not feeling the WIAW yesterday; I actually started the post, but became bored with myself and stopped writing it. Hah. We all have those days, I suppose.

Anyway, for this week’s Thursday Thoughts, I thought it might be fun to do some product reviews. A massive part of my blog schtick (actually, the reason I even started blogging) is allergies. Typically people think of allergies as being related to food, when really, so many things can trigger a reaction. For me, skin care is a huge category in which I often get stuck. Recently, I’ve branched out and tried some products that I find really great, so I wanted to share them with you, too! Hopefully, if you’re like me and feeling stumped, these reviews will help you find some new skin care products to try. πŸ™‚



Yes To Carrots

A few weeks ago, I purchased a LivingSocial deal that gave me $30 worth of merchandise from Yes To for half the price. I’d been wanting to try natural skin products for a while, so I figured I’d go for it. Here’s what I bought:


Lip balm (in melon, mint, berry, and pomegranate)

Can be found here:

I’ve mentioned before that for the past decade or so, I’ve been physically addicted to a certain type of Blistex. (It’s kind of embarrassing.) While I’m not having any negative reactions to it, I decided that it might be good to begin using a lip balm that doesn’t have so many freaky ingredients in it. I’ve been highly satisfied with all of these Yes To lip balms so far. They all smell so nice, and I’ve noticed the pomegranate gives my lips a nice sheen – kind of like a gloss.

That said, I’m not sure I would go out of my way to buy these balms again. My lips dry out relatively quickly (as compared to the Blistex I use) and they don’t contain SPF, which is a bummer. I am very glad I gave them a try, though, and overall am very satisfied.

Grapefruit body scrub

Can be found here:

I love this stuff. I use it in the shower on my legs and arms and it makes my skin so soft. The smell is really great, too. It’s borderline perfume-y, but fresh and natural. Normally I can’t get near perfume without it hurting my chest and making my nose go crazy, but I have no problem with this product. I haven’t used it on my face (my most sensitive skin) for fear of a negative reaction, but maybe I will someday!

Cucumber cleanser

Can be found here:

Unlike the grapefruit scrub, I’ve only used this product on my face. It took a lot of guts for me to try that, because like I said, my face is suuuuper sensitive. This cleanser has a really light feel to it, it lathers well, and it leaves my face feeling so fresh and clean. The smell is like the grapefruit scrub, in that it smells luxurious but still natural. I haven’t gone crazy with the scrubbing (instead, I’ve squirted it onto a washcloth and applied it that way) just because I’m afraid I might react negatively. However, I feel pretty confident using it frequently – my skin usually lets me know immediately if it’s unhappy!

Kiss My Face

Can be found here:


Now this product is a bit different. I purchased it initially because I wanted a natural lotion to use on my face. Before I’d been using Eucerin, which was great for my sensitivity, but contains alcohol, parabens, etc. that I knew couldn’t be good for my skin in the long run. So, when I got this Kiss My Face moisturizer, I used it on my face after a shower. My skin started tingling and burning, and while that subsided after a little bit, that’s not a good sign. I now only use this product on my legs and arms. It works great, keeps my skin feeling soft and moisturized, and smells very clean. I just wish I could use it on my face!

Everyone Lotion (EO Products)

Orange + Mint

Can be found here:


First off, I love the smell of this lotion. It smells fresh and clean, and (this is weird) kind of like Froot Loops. Which I think is a huge perk. πŸ˜‰ I’ve been using it on my arms every night for the past few months, and have noticed a definite change in my skin: it looks more radiant and healthy than it ever has. While I can’t find a fault with this lotion, I will say that my mom (who is ten times more sensitive to perfume, if you can imagine that) can’t take the smell. I would say that, on average, though, people with sensitivities to smells would probably be ok with this lotion.

Sea Salt Scrub (Norwex)

I couldn’t access the product online, but here is the site for Norwex:


I actually got this product last night – perfect timing for being in this review! That said, I’ve only used it once, but I’m a big fan. It smells wonderful (it has citrus essential oils), only has five ingredients (!), and made my skin feel sooo soft. The sea salt was quite rough, so I’d only use this once or twice a week.

Coconut Oil

Can be found here:


This might sound pretty boring, especially in comparison to these other products, but bear with me. Ever since I started wearing make-up (so, summer before 9th grade), I’ve gone through six different types of make-up removers, including wipes, oil-free washes, and facial cleansers. After using each of these for two years or so, my skin freaks out, swells and/or dries up, and basically tells me it’s time to switch…again. I got so fed up with this that I’ve begun using coconut oil. I place a dollop on my fingers, allow it to melt, and then rub it on my eyes to get the makeup off. I wash my face, and then use petroleum jelly to finish the job. This combo works great, and bonus!, it smells like a tropical beach. Yum. πŸ™‚


I obviously have so much to say about each of these products. Thankfully, it’s pretty much all positive! Now, I need some advice from all of you.

When we were on vacation a few weeks ago, I learned that I have extreme sensitivities to sunscreen. I noticed this a bit last summer, but while on vacation, I developed an awful rash on my upper arms, chest, and neck. It itched and burned like ca-RAZY, and it got to the point where I chose not to go out into the sun at all. (By the way, that’s not a fun way to spend a beach vacation.) Do any of you have a hypo-allergenic sunscreen you like?

Thanks for reading! I hope you found some of this information helpful.

Have a great day!

*Edited to add: I have not been compensated for these product reviews. I simply wanted to share my thoughts with you all!


  1. Love the reviews! Definitely checking a few of these out πŸ™‚

  2. I have sensitive skin and I find some of the Neutrogena sunscreens are more gentle on my skin than other kinds. Also oil free varieties work better for me too.

    1. I’ve tried Neutrogena before. It seemed to work for a while but then all of a sudden gave me a rash. Maybe I’ll try a different type. Thanks for the suggestion!

  3. So much goodness here! I love the Yes To line I have a little bit of everything of theirs in my bathroom. I’m in the market for a new face lotion so I may have to check that everyone orange/mint one out (mostly because it sounds like it smells amazing!) I’ve been having sunscreen issues this summer too… I use the basic one from Trader Joes and sometimes it okay and other days it just makes my skin mad.. 😦

    1. That’s what I’m like with sunscreen, too – sometimes it’s a-ok, and other days I get a rash! Why can’t our skin just cooperate?

  4. Thanks for the review! I’ve been wanting to try the Yes To line and try different face/ body cleansers. I definitely want to get that cucumber cleanser!

  5. I really need to find a new face cleanser that’s more natural. It’s the only thing that I haven’t switched so far. Everything else that I use has really good ingredients. It’s just that my face still breaks out like crazy and the stuff I use right now keeps it at bay [somewhat].

    I’m actually planning a similar post to this soon discussing some of the products that I’ve been buying from whole foods recently!

    Coconut oil- love. I use it for my makeup remover too. It works so well!

    I use Neutrogena sunscreen when I absolutely have to, but that’s not been for a year or more (haven’t been outside aside from the previous weekend with my family πŸ™‚ ). That’s the only one that I’ve found so far that hasn’t caused me to sneeze right away, although the scent does get to me a bit. I think it’s good for sensitive skin too. I’d love it if you shared a chemical-free kind though if you ever find a good one!

    1. I’m looking forward to that post of yours! (Unless you’ve already posted it…I’m wayyy behind on comments and bloglovin’.) The next time I get to a Whole Foods I’ll have to stock up on your suggestions.
      I’ve tried Neutrogena before, but it doesn’t seem to like me. Surprisingly, it wasn’t the smell, but rather what it did to my skin. I’ll definitely let you know if I find something!

  6. Coconut oil is -such- an amazing beauty product. I use it to take off the makeup around my eyes as well, and as a body moisturizer after a shower. Oh! And, once a week or so, I’ll put some in my hair about 30 minutes before I shower as a conditioning treatment. It leaves my hair feeling crazy soft and smooth. The only downside is wanting to eat it while I’m putting it on πŸ˜‰

    1. My mom *swears* by using coconut oil in her hair! She does the same thing you do. I need to try that sometime!

  7. Wow, great bunch of products! I’m looking for a new, natural sunblock myself, so I’m glad you started this discussion πŸ™‚ Coconut oil is my favorite moisturizer, how awesome that it removes makeup, too.

    1. I don’t know if you saw my post for Friday, but there’s a link to the EWG website that gives details behind good sunscreens!

  8. I use the Kiss My Face brand although despite its name, I’ve never tried it on my face. After reading your comments, I probably won’t be doing it anytime soon either. πŸ™‚

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