Monthly Archives: June 2013

WIAW #48

Well, today’s the day: I start babysitting full time! I’m so looking forward to hanging out with the kids and getting back into the groove of things. I’ve loved having all of this time off between school and working, buttttt I’m starting to get a bit bored. That said, I don’t know how much time […]

All Natural Green Tea Lemonade

Hello again! It’s rare that I do more than one blog post in a day, but I felt like this recipe needed its own. I also wanted to be sure to share it soon after National Iced Tea Day which was yesterday…I don’t know why I keep learning about these days after they’ve happened… Anyway, […]

Week in Review #5

This is going to sound completely cliche, but I have NO idea where these weeks are going. I mean, I do, I can tell you what I’ve been doing, but it still doesn’t seem like they should be going so fast. I start babysitting tomorrow (!!!) full time, and I’ll be with the kids for […]

Chocolate Chocolate Chip Granola

I have been on a huge granola kick lately. A few weeks ago my mom and I bought a brand called Love Crunch that had chocolate chips in it, and we ate it all in one day. (That is now the second time I have confessed that to the internet world. 😉 ) It was […]

Fitness Friday: National Running Day

Happy Friday! Did you know Wednesday was National Running Day? I know I’m a bit late in this post, but I did want to save it for Fitness Friday, so hopefully you’ll excuse me. 🙂 In honor of the day, I thought it might be fun to do a running survey that I saw on […]

Week in Review #4

I want to start off by saying Happy Birthday to my grandpa. This is the first birthday he isn’t here on this earth to celebrate, but I bet he’s having one great party up there. ———- Hello again, everyone! It’s the day before the day before the weekend…hooray! 🙂 I had another pretty good week […]

One More Week

Hello everyone! Happy Wednesday! I hope the week is going well for you so far and that you are enjoying some lovely weather wherever you are. It’s actually been borderline chilly here, but sunny and gorgeous otherwise. It’s really beginning to feel like summer, and I LOVE it! I didn’t have time to do my […]

MIMM: Bloom

These photos were taken over the last month or so. I hope you find them as marvelous as I do. 🙂 Many thanks to the lovely Katie for hosting!

Pesto Chicken Rollatini with Lemon Scented Fusilli

Pesto, like hummus, is something I haven’t ever made myself for some reason. I always just buy it. It seems easy enough to make it, and in doing so I could customize it to exactly the taste I want, but it just hasn’t happened yet. Fortunately, I found a store-bought brand that I just love. […]