Vegan Bake Sale Week: Recipe Roundup

As it turns out, this week (starting on April 26th) is Worldwide Vegan Bake Sale week. While I’m not participating in any actual bake sales, as there are none nearby, I thought it’d be fun to round up some of my favorite vegan baked goods – both my recipes and others’!

Liv Lives Life recipes:

*Note: for recipes that contain honey, simply switch it out for agave nectar to make it completely vegan!

Skinny Confetti Cupcakes


Amazing Chocolate Cupcakes

5 Minute Chocolate Mug Cake

Chai Tea Cupcakes

2 Ingredient Soda Cupcakes

Sugar Cookies

Sea Salted Dark Chocolate Bars


The BEST Granola

Crunchy Spicy Chocolate Granola


Homemade Clif Bars – Chocolate

Quinoa Oat Energy Bites

Pumpkin Pancakes


Saturday Morning Pancakes

Applesauce Muffins

Healthy Berry Muffins



Others’ recipes (that I can’t wait to try!):

Chocolate Covered Katie’s Raspberry Vanilla Coffee Cake

Veggieful’s Vegan Chocolate Brownies

Picture 1

Carrots ‘N’ Cake’s No Bake Chocolate Fudge Cookies

Peachy Palate’s Saturday Morning Scones

Chocolate Covered Katie’s Secretly Healthy Cappuccino Cloud Cheesecake

Fat Free Vegan Kitchen’s Skinny Figgy Bars

Picture 2

Lucy’s Friendly Food’s Homemade Bagels

Well there we have it. Thanks to Live Blissful for tipping me off about this bake sale week! 🙂

I hope you’re all having a wonderful Sunday!

Do you have any vegan recipes you absolutely love? Let me know in the comments section!


  1. Oh gawd, this is perfect for me. I’ve been on a baking roll recently and you just provided some fun inspiration!

    1. Good, I’m so glad!

  2. Wow, thanks for sharing all of these mouthwatering recipes! Can I come over and bake with you ;)? Actually, the vegan bake sale in the city I live in was yesterday and I contributed a chocolate-covered hazelnut cake. Very simple but delicious and it sold out completely.

    1. Haha I’d love that! 🙂 That’s awesome, well done!

  3. These all look AMAZING!! 😀

  4. Awesome baking round-up – I’d happily tuck into it all 😉
    and thanks for the mention x

    1. Me too! 🙂 And you’re very welcome!

  5. Those figgy bars and those cupcakes literally have me drooling all over the place. Oh & you should totally link this post to my Together Tuesday link-up this week!

    1. Haha seriously. Ok, I will!

  6. Wow. You have so many great recipes that already fit the bill! Perks of not being able to eat eggs for so long, huh? 😀 Great choice for images. I don’t remember seeing those pumpkin pancakes before, but I’m sure I have and just forgot… But oh my gosh those look professional!

    And I made homemade bagels a few years ago. A little messy but so much fun. Tasted great too.

    1. Haha exactly! And thanks! I’m always surprised and happy when my pictures turn out well. 🙂
      I really want to try it sometime. I bet they were great!

  7. These are all such great recipes, I will definitely have to try some of these out!

    1. Thanks! I hope you do!

  8. jessielovestorun · · Reply

    I really don’t even know what to comment on! Every single recipe you mentioned sounds incredible! I’m really feeling the pancakes right about now though 🙂

    1. Thanks! Pancakes are always a good choice! 🙂

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