Yoga Challenge Update

It was a verrrry rainy weekend around here!

I loved it, though…perfect for sitting around and reading, baking up some goodies, or writing a nine page essay. Haha.

Well, there isn’t much to update on the yoga front. Over the past week I ended up doing about the same amount as last week.

My Challenge (for this week):
– Do at least one full yoga session.
– Add five to ten minute stretches after each workout

Actual: Both goals complete!

I did change things up a bit from last week, as I did the P90X yoga routine that I love so much. My shoulders are still sore from the chaturanga!

I totally look that cool and muscular while doing it, by the way. 😛

I know I said this last time I did the yoga challenge, but it really is amazing what just five minutes a day of stretching and relaxing my mind can do for me. I always feel so much better after doing yoga. That’s why I’m so glad Courtney brought another challenge that encourages me to do more of it! 🙂

Soooo I don’t have much else to say except: have a fantastic day!!!

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