Seventy-Four and Sunny

Hello all!

I hope you all had a great Wednesday! I babysat from 9:30 this morning to 4 in the afternoon, and have been relaxing and playing with Ella since I got home. Can’t get much better than that! 🙂



It was the first day of summer break for one of the boys I watched today, and we had some beautiful weather: 74*F and sunny. And next to no humidity!

I love being a student and still having a summer break, but man, I do envy these kids for having an actual break with no work, school, or anything! 🙂

The boys’ dad is coming home tonight from a big 17-day long business trip, so I thought it’d be fun for them to make and decorate a “Welcome Home” brownie for him. It was just from a box mix.

Waiting for it to bake.

This picture looks posed, but I swear it wasn’t! He literally had his nose smushed against the glass.

Both of their decorations ended up being blobs of frosting and sprinkles, but oh well. I love getting kids in the kitchen! 🙂




You’ll probably get tired of seeing pictures of this, but I will hopefully never get tired of eating it (I have eaten it for dinner twice in the past week, even)! 0% fat Greek yogurt, fruit, and granola! Yuuuuum.


Sweet potato, green beans, and chicken. (I remembered to take this picture after I started eating it…whoops.)

Snacks (throughout the day)

I actually didn’t snack today! Hooray!


Pork chops, broccoli, grapes, and brown rice, with a side of watermelon.

(My camera really does not take great food pictures. I should start using my dad’s good one…)


Chocolate frozen yogurt…

….and an Oatmeal Scotchie (look for the recipe soon!).

I was actually completely gluten-free before the cookie, which is quite something for me (I’m a bread, cracker, cookie carb addict). Last week, when I mentioned in my Thursday Thoughts that I was trying to be gluten-free for a majority of the days of the week, I should have been a bit more specific: my goal is of course to be completely GF throughout the whole day, but I consider it a success if I can make it 2/3 or 3/4 of the day GF. My main reason for challenging myself this way was to cut down on snacking (on the above mentioned carby offenders), and if I can make it through most of the day without caving in, I am pleased with myself. So, anyway, I can’t claim to be totally GF today, but it’s still a start!

Workouts June 10-17

Sunday: off
Monday: 15 minutes of running intervals + 25 minutes of walking on treadmill
Tuesday: Jillian Michael’s 30-Day Shred + 15 minutes of elliptical
Wednesday: Jillian Michael’s 30-Day Shred + 30 minutes of treadmill
Thursday: Bob Harper’s Weight Loss Yoga video
Friday: Lots of walking…… 😉
Saturday: P90X – Yoga? Rest day?

I’m still trying to keep up with the June Yoga challenge, but keep forgetting to link up to the original site or post about my progress. Hopefully I will have a post ready on Friday!

In the meantime, have a great night!

P.S. If you’re in need of a good laugh, check out this video. It’s hilarious!!!


  1. Yay for yoga!! I’ll be looking for your post! 😉

  2. I love your blog and have nominated you for the One Lovely Blog Award…
    Just follow this link

  3. […] to share with you all a quick recipe that I created for yesterday’s lunch. With my attempt at GF eating, I’ve been incorporating much more corn, rice, flax, and various other grain-based foods into […]

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