Yoga Challenge Update

Happy Friday!

If you remember, a few weeks ago I decided to join in on the June Yoga Challenge hosted by Courtney over at Sweet Tooth Sweet Life (click for link to her blog). I didn’t do a recap of my first week in the challenge – it slipped my mind and I was super busy on Friday – but below is one of this week! First, though, I’ll go over my goals and reasons for doing this challenge.

The biggest thing that I wanted to get out of joining this challenge was a way to keep myself doing yoga at least once a week. Since I’ve started babysitting full time, I get up in the morning (some days around 5:40, others around 6:30) and do a half hour to an hour long cardio workout – cardio is a great way for me to kick start my day and feel energized throughout it. One of the only yoga videos that I own (which also happens to be my favorite; P90X) is 90 minutes long, and I don’t feel like waking up even earlier than I already do to complete it. Then on weekends, I like to keep my workouts quick to spend more time relaxing or with family/friends. So, in short, I haven’t been doing any yoga in the past few weeks.

That’s bad. I really love yoga and what it does for me. I started P90X just over a year ago, and so have been doing the yoga routine about once a week since then. Physically, I’ve noticed that yoga has helped me improve my strength, balance, and flexibility (kind of a no-brainer statement). That, in turn, has helped increase my running stamina as well as my ability to do other workouts well. My short past in fitness and being healthy has been plagued with injuries and setbacks (including IT band, hip, and/or knee problems), but I’ve found that yoga has seriously helped reduce those problems. Plus, it just makes me feel better overall. Mentally, yoga has helped me relax and let go of stress, and the fact that I am doing better at other workouts and exercises has boosted my confidence in myself!

So, those are my reasons for joining this challenge. My goals over the next few weeks are:
– Do at least one yoga session per week
– Relax and de-stress my mind and body even more than I already do
– Attempt to do “crane” pose for more than .5 seconds (and not kill myself doing it)
– Try not to look at my 90-minute session as a chore. I love it, but an hour and a half is a long time. I just need to remember that I owe it to myself. 🙂

Week 2

The challenge is going quite well so far. About a week ago I bought Bob Harper’s Weight Loss Yoga DVD, which I did last Saturday and yesterday. It is actually really cool – from the menu you can choose which workouts you want to do (there is a warm up and cool down, as well as various levels to pick from), so it can be anywhere from 20-55 minutes. It is also more about burning calories than the P90X routine, which is pretty cool. All in all, it combines the best of both worlds. I’m really happy with it.

Last Saturday I did the warm up, level one (which is mostly vinyasa), and the cool down. I felt great afterward! Yesterday, I completed the entire program, and it was actually pretty challenging. I was sweating like crazy!

Sooooo in conclusion (there’s the English major side of me coming out 😉 ), I’d say week two of the challenge was a complete success! A huge thank you to Courtney for the idea!

Have a great weekend, everyone!

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