Monthly Archives: April 2013

Fitness Friday: Favorite Exercise Pins

I’ve been so busy lately that I have totally forgotten about Fitness Friday! For this week, I thought I’d share with you all some of my favorite exercises I’ve pinned. I always share my workouts with you on Wednesdays, and I’ll often say something like “Pinterest exercises”, but there are specific ones that I like. […]

A Whole Lot of Randomness

Hello friends! Ready for a whole lot of randomness in one blog post? Well, good! It’s finally beginning to look like spring around here! We’ve had rain the last few days, and lots of people are complaining about it, but I find it relaxing and beautiful. Plus, it’s not snow, which is of course a […]

Sugar Cookies + Decorating Ideas

My family has been using the same sugar cookie recipe for years – ever since I can remember, actually. We make the cookies for many different occasions, especially birthdays and Christmas, and always have fun decorating them. I think that’s the best thing about sugar cookies: they’re literally a blank canvas to cut and decorate […]

Easy Key Lime Pie

Happy Saturday! For some reason the weeks have been just flying by for me – which I’m ok with, as it just brings me to another weekend! 🙂 Last weekend, upon the begging request of my dad, I made key lime pie. I’ve made it before using a couple of methods. One is with a […]

Four and a Half

4 1/2 more weeks….4 1/2 more weeks….4 1/2 more weeks…. Seriously. That’s all I have left. There are good things and bad things about this. Good: Well, it’s only 4 1/2 more weeks of school! I’ll be one semester away from graduation (I still have to student teach)! Summer is nearing! I’ll be babysitting some […]

MIMM: Easter Weekend

Marvelous is… Easter and all that it stands for. Marvelous is… The fact that I got to spend all weekend with my family. Recent events have shown me just how lucky I am to have a good relationship with everyone in my family. It’s pretty great. Marvelous is… Having the door open on a warm […]