A Photo A Day: Catching Up

Thursday’s prompt: fear.

This one was really difficult for me to do. My greatest fear is that someone that I love or care about will die or be seriously hurt. Can’t exactly catch that in a photo. So I decided on time.

Picture 2

I’m not afraid of time itself, but rather how fast it moves and all that can be lost if we don’t appreciate it.

Friday’s prompt: favorite.

Picture 1

Yesterday morning, Dan and I took our a few instruments to a local daycare to play for the kids. I brought my violin and an acoustic guitar for Dan to play. We performed a bit of this song for them, and it reminded me exactly why it is my favorite violin song. It’s just beautiful.

Saturday’s prompt: faceless self portrait.

Picture 3


  1. You take such beautiful pictures!

  2. I love this little pic challenge. So fun. I totally relate to fearing how quickly time can go too

    1. I do too! And I think it’s something probably a lot of people can relate to…

  3. Love this post šŸ™‚ Such pretty photos!

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