De-Stressing and Fun-Having


First, I want to apologize for not posting lately. This week has been indescribably crazy and busy and I really want to give you all good, quality blog posts instead of rushing through them which is why I’m going to wait until I’m not as busy to post.

That was a long sentence. I was literally typing my thinking.


On to the food!


In all honesty, I don’t think I have done too badly with this month’s WIAW theme, falling back into good habits. Although my dessert today (scroll down) wasn’t exactly a healthy choice, sometimes dessert is just something we need in life to de-stress and just have some fun. De-stressing and fun-having are good habits to have! 🙂

Breakfast (E, N, D, GF)

Because I knew my lunch was going to be earlier than normal (due to my schedule today), I decided to have a small breakfast.

Small doesn’t mean bad, though! Yep, that’s right, that is coffee you see there! I had an iced coffee today and it didn’t make me sick, which is something that hasn’t happened in almost two years. I was very happy. The caffeine wasn’t bad either. 😉

That lovely little package you see there is actually a homemade Clif bar. I decided to make up a batch this past weekend, because I realized I had been spending way too much money on individual bars (they’re usually around $2!). I like Clif bars for the protein and fiber they give me, which is why this cheaper, homemade one was a perfect breakfast today!

Lunch (E, N, D, GF)

I ate a big lunch around 11:00 this morning. I have to admit, the smell of the salmon burger at that time wasn’t exactly appetizing, but I needed to eat!

I had brown rice + Craisins, and mixed veggies on the side.

Snack (E, N, D, GF)

Dinner (E, N)

I had a total of 45 minutes to get back to my apartment from the high school, change, unpack one back and pack another, do some quick research, and eat before heading back out again. Which is why dinner is sort…sad. Haha. I had a pack of tuna with a ton of lemon juice.

I also sprinkled mozzarella cheese on a whole grain flax Flat-Out wrap, and broiled it for a few minutes. It was so good.

Dessert (E, N?, GF)

A frozen yogurt place opened up this past month just 1 block from my apartment. Yeah. It’s dangerous.

But oh so delicious. The place has about 8 different flavors of fro-yo, including cake batter (E), cookies and cream, which is what I had today, New York cheesecake (E) island banana, thin mint, chocolate, peanut butter (that makes me slightly nervous), and vanilla.

The first time I walked into the shop, I talked with the manager about my allergies. While there is always a chance the yogurt and toppings might be cross-contaminated, he said they try to be very careful. They use an entirely separate spoon and mixer for the peanut butter fro-yo, and I’ve noticed that they keep the toppings with nuts away from the rest. To most people, those are just small considerations, but to me (and anyone else with allergies), it means a lot that they put thought into it. Places with DIY toppings can be a bit scary – or even off-limits – for people with allergies, but it is nice to know that they try and keep it safe.

Workouts September 23-29
Sunday: off
Monday: 23 minutes running + 22 minutes walking on treadmill
Tuesday: sleep > exercise today
Wednesday: 40 minutes of circuit training
Thursday: 20+ minutes running + 25 minutes walking on treadmill
Friday: P90X Yoga
Saturday: elliptical trainer

I’m sorry the post is been so short today – I don’t have too much else to say, and don’t want to bore you, so I am off to bed do homework. Check back later this week for my recap of Windsor Castle, and also a recipe or two!

Have a great night!

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