The Fast Season

Hello, hello! Happy Wednesday!

I am finding it so difficult to believe that it is nearly the end of August. It seems like my summer break was just starting! Nevermind that, it seems like I was just heading off to England, and that was almost a year ago! Why is it that the summer season – which is, in my opinion, the best – goes by so much faster than the others?Β I guess time flies when you’re having fun. πŸ™‚

I’m very happy to say that my summer was filled with fun. Lots of work and busy days, but I love my babysitting job. Those kids make me laugh daily. I’ll miss it when I go back to school on Monday! I do, however, have a fun activity in mind for my last day of babysitting tomorrow: giant bubbles! Hopefully all goes well – if the recipe works out, I’ll put a link up.

That being said, with the beginning of the new school year, I can’t promise I’ll be updating more than once a week. I’ll try and stick with these WIAWs and some recipes here and there (which is basically what I do now), but I really believe in quality over quantity when it comes to blog posts – I’m sure you all don’t want to sit here reading a whole bunch of boring posts! πŸ˜› I do hope you all continue reading, though!


Breakfast (E, N, GF)

Farmer’s market berries and homemade granola with Greek yogurt!

Lunch (E, N)

I actually met my friends Amber and Briana at the mall today and had lunch there. I didn’t have my camera, but I just got a Black Forest ham Subway sandwich – not too interesting!

Snacks (throughout the day)

In addition to a serving of White Cheddar Cheez-Its (which I didn’t take a picture of), I had an unsalted rice cake with sunflower seed butter and raspberry jam on top:

And some dried cherries.

I love these things.

Dinner (E, N, GF)

Salmon burger, grapes, and a brown rice dish that was essentially the filling of those stuffed peppers I made the other day. It is super good on its own!

Dessert (E, N)

Yesterday, I did some experimenting in the kitchen. I found this amazing Cocoa Fudge Cookie recipe from For the Love of Cooking, but wanted to try and “healthify” it. I figured if my experimenting didn’t work out, the recipe didn’t make a big batch, and it wouldn’t be a big deal. (I’d still eat them anyway.) Well, the healthified version of these cookies is amazing, and I’ll post it for you on Friday! Please come back and look for it!

So, for dessert, I had a couple of them. πŸ™‚

Workouts August 19-26
Sunday: off
Monday: 18 minutes jogging + 32 minutes walking on treadmill; strength exercises from Fitness magazine (this was the first time I picked up this magazine, but it certainly won’t be the last!)
Tuesday: P90X – Core Synergistics
Wednesday: Bob Harper’s Weight Loss Yoga
Thursday: off
Friday: intervals of jogging and walking on treadmill
Saturday: 30 Day Shred + elliptical

At least Ella is ready for fall!

Then again, maybe not…..


Enjoy the rest of your evening!


  1. jessielovestorun · · Reply

    Awee Ella is too adorable. Love her little pumpkin outfit πŸ™‚

    1. haha thanks! I think she was a bit embarrassed about being forced to wear the outfit, but I thought it was cute! πŸ™‚

      1. jessielovestorun · ·

        haha oh well πŸ™‚

  2. Your dog is so cute!!

    Rice cakes with some kind of nut/seed butter and jam are the best.

    1. Thanks! πŸ™‚
      And I agree – I only came across that combination very recently. I’d been missing out!

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