Thursday Thoughts

Hello! I hope you have been enjoying the first day of December.

I’m going to start a new blog tradition called Thursday Thoughts. Why? There’s always something on my mind that I want to share with somebody, and I like making lists. I think those are good enough reasons 😉

  1. The 99p Store has the best ever store-bought cookies. Ever. They’re just Shortbread cookies, but they are so incredible. I originally got the package to make Chocolate Dipped Shortbread Cookies for this Christmas Party I was planning to attend (and I was not going to open them until the day before!), but the party was cancelled, so I had a really lovely dessert tonight 🙂
  2. I can’t believe it’s already December. I know part of it is because I’m in a different (snow free, not-as-Christmas-y) environment, but still…it feels like it’s still September or something.

  3. As each day goes by I get more and more excited to get back in my own kitchen. Seriously. I have 100+ bookmarked recipes waiting to be tried out.
  4. Just three more essays stand between me and Christmas break. And yet, I don’t want to get started on any of them.
  5. I bit my tongue yesterday and it is ridiculously swollen and annoying.
  6. One of my lecturers today basically told us we don’t need to attend that class the last week – which means I get another afternoon in London! Win!
  7. This week has been the rainiest week I’ve experienced so far here…it’s not torrential downpours, but it hasn’t really stopped sprinkling.
  8. Speaking of sprinkles, I love sprinkles. And sugar cookies. I love those too.
  9. Want to know which recipe I went crazy about this week? This one.
  10. I had a very interesting conversation with my friend Petra the other day about vegetarianism helping people with allergies. After that, I talked to my mom, who wondered aloud whether or not ruling chicken (meat) out of my diet would help with my egg allergy? I have a meeting set up with an allergist in about a month, so I am for sure going to ask about that.

  11. A lot of work will be done to my “Recipes” page over break…so stay tuned!
  12. I am going to Switzerland this weekend! I need to be leaving my landlady’s house at about 5:00 in the morning (my flight leaves at 7; I’m taking a cab to the airport – yes, it costs a lot, but no way am I dealing with the stress of public transportation at that hour!) on Saturday, and I will be back around 3:00 pm Monday afternoon.

That being said, I probably won’t update until I get back. I hope you have a fantastic weekend, and I’m sure I will be back with plenty of pictures of food mountains, snow?, family friends, and good times! 🙂

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