Thanksgiving Away from Home

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

I will start out today with a list of everything I am thankful for:

  • My family, who is so supportive, funny, caring, and loving every single day of my life. They are truly the best. I love you all!
  •  My friends who cheer me up, make me laugh, and support me every day
  •  My boyfriend who is always there for me
  • This opportunity I have had to study abroad – it has been absolutely life-changing
  • All of the friends I have met over here who have made this experience just that much better
  • God and all He has done for me in my life (see above/below)
  • My health and the health of my friends and family
  • The fact that I know my family is having a relaxing day today at home
  •  Food. I just love it so much. (As you know.)
  • My ability and love of cooking and baking and what it has done for me
  • Christmas (festivities, music, food, etc.) – it just puts me in a good mood!
  • Music…one of the best ways I can express myself
  • My neighbors and family friends
  • The time my family got to spend with my dog, Abby (Jan 2001 – April 2011)
  • My education
  • The fact that, while I have enjoyed this studying abroad experience so much, I have a warm, welcoming, happy home to go back to

Maybe over the course of these next couple of days when I think of more things I’ll add them to the list, but these are the ones I came up with on the spot.

My eats of today have really not been very interesting so far (in fact, you can pretty much just look at yesterday’s breakfast and lunch to get the main idea), so I won’t bore you with those.

This pilates video:

And Ab Ripper X (P90X):

 I had class today from 12-4 with an hour break in between. During that time I actually went into Kingston to do some shopping (I have in-store credit at H&M).

(This picture is actually the market, but it still shows a bit of Kingston.)

I bought a cute purple sweater, and a skinny hot chocolate (from Starbucks).
 It was a little too sweet, but since I’ve become intolerant to coffee, it’s my only other hot drink choice. (By the way, I don’t like tea.) And, honestly, I mainly got it because I love Starbucks’ holiday cups!!! 🙂

Today was a surprisingly mild and bright day out! Not too much sun, but at least it wasn’t too cloudy either! I snapped a picture on my way to the bus stop:
It’s no awe-inspiring picture by any means, but I thought you (mostly meaning some of my family members) might want to see what my “neighborhood” looks like, too.

Pre-dinner Snack:
 I seriously can not get enough of this Greek yogurt/cereal/raisin combo! (I also had some carrots that I didn’t finish from lunch.)

Would-be Thanksgiving Dinner:
If I could choose, this is what I would be having for dinner tonight (if I was at home):

Roast chicken (allergic to turkey 😛 )
Stuffing (my absolute favorite Thanksgiving food – my mom and I devised a really great recipe for it – I’ll try and put it up some time!)
Sweet Potatoes
Green beans sauteed with bacon

Homemade Bread
 Cranberry Sauce

Chocolate Cake with Raspberry Swirl. YUM.

If you didn’t figure it out, these are all pictures of food we had for Thanksgiving last year. I wouldn’t want anything different!

Dinner: (E, N, D, GF)
Apple and Chicken Salad and Homemade Fries

Dessert will probably be another one of those cake cookies 🙂

Have a Happy Happy Thanksgiving!

Remember, there’s always something to be thankful about!


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