Monthly Archives: May 2013

WIAW: Lots to Share

Have I mentioned that I like summer? And summer break? Well, I do. This past week(ish) has been full of relaxing, friends, and family, and I couldn’t ask for more than that! The weather has also been absolutely gorgeous. Everything is blooming and the trees and grass are my favorite bright green color. I can’t […]

Homemade Clif Bars – Cinnamon Raisin

I have been gluten-free for a week already. It totally doesn’t feel like it, which I think is a good thing. 😉 I’ve actually realized that I was eating gluten-free more often than I thought. For example, those homemade chocolate Clif bars I’ve had up on my site for a while are gluten-free, and are […]

Happy Cinco de Mayo! (Recipe Roundup)

Hello everyone! Happy Cinco de Mayo! I wasn’t planning on posting this morning, but after realizing what day it was, I thought I’d do a quick recipe roundup in honor of Cinco de Mayo. I looooove Mexican food and was actually surprised that I didn’t have more recipes on my blog. But here is what […]

Cheesy Quinoa Bake with Spinach

Hello hello! Happy Friday! I just wanted to pop in and share this recipe with you. I mentioned it on Wednesday and promised you all I’d have the recipe up by the weekend. Thanks for holding me to it, Jessie! 😉 This honestly started out as a leftovers dish. We had leftover red meat sauce […]

An Experiment

Happy May, everyone! It’s finals week for me! And as such, I’ve been blogging every day so far. 😉 Seriously, I find that I blog more the busier I am…I guess it’s just a good outlet or something. Anyway, I have a bit of news to share with you all. Did you know that May […]