Week in Review

You all know how much I like link-up parties, so I’ve decided to join in on another! This one is the genius of Meghan from Clean Eats, Fast Feets. I love the idea of reviewing my week, and as a bonus, it’s totally acceptable to do it in list form. I love lists and anything organized. Seriously, sometimes I’m worse than Monica on Friends. 😉

I actually wanted to do this last week too, but ended up totally forgetting, so now I’m going to review the past two weeks, which have been quite full of fun.

Week in Review

A few weeks ago…

  • I got this amazing “happy almost graduation” present from my parents. It’s a London bus roll. I love it!


  • I developed a new Clif bar recipe – Cinnamon Raisin Clif Bars!
  • I sat outside on the deck for about a half hour two days in a row and actually managed to get some color. It’s miraculous! I can tan!
  • Dan graduated with a bachelor’s of science in physics, and I attended the ceremony…


  • …and dinner afterward with his family at Aztecas, a fun and very authentic Mexican restaurant.
  • I cleaned out/organized my closet, which had a whole lot of stuff in it. Like, a lot. I’m a total pack rat and have the hardest time throwing anything out, so this organization was seriously needed. This picture doesn’t even do the amount of stuff I have justice.


  • These binders are full of assignments, papers, notes, and other things from my four years of college. Whew!


  • I started an finished a book in two days. If you’re looking for a good read and are into historical fiction, please check out War Brides by Helen Bryan. Such a good book! Now I’m on to the Great Gatsby. Yes, I’m aware that I’m the only English major out there who hasn’t read it yet…
  • I spent many hours doing nothing….and it was wonderful.

This past week…


  • I babysat a little two year old girl for a few hours on Friday, which was fun.
  • I attended my first race expo. I didn’t get anything (except my registration packet and a t-shirt), but it was still fun to walk around and see what was available. If I wasn’t broke I probably would have checked out some new running shoes! 🙂
  • On Saturday, I ran my first 5K! It was soooo much fun. I’m going to do a recap for Fitness Friday!


  • Finally, I celebrated Mother’s Day with my amazing mom. She really is the greatest. 😀
  • IMG_1599And last but not least….

Picture 1

I PASSED THE MTTC ENGLISH TEST!!!! I can become certified to teach! I just cannot believe it. If you remember, after I took it, I was positively convinced I hadn’t passed it. I often doubt myself but that time I had actually accepted that I had failed it and was going to have to take it over again. Well, that’s not the case! Hooray! I’m so happy. 🙂

What was the best part (or parts) of your week?


  1. Oh I knew you could do it Olivia! Congratulations, that’s wonderful!

    Great week in review. I watched The Great Gatsby yesterday and I’m hoping to read the book soon.

    1. Thanks – I so appreciate your support!

      Did you like the movie? I’m not going to let myself see it until I read the book, but I’m really looking forward to it!

      1. I did like it. A lot actually. I think that people are either going to love it or hate it though because it’s much more emotional/depressing than the commercials make it seem. All of the actors were fabulous though!

      2. Interesting…I’m a huge fan of both DiCaprio and Mulligan, so I’m excited to see it. And I’m glad you liked it!

  2. CONGRATS! What a week of awesome accomplishments — the cleaning (!), the 5K (!!), and passing your certification test (!!!) are all fantastic, and I’m mentally cheering for you as I write this. 🙂 (I’m at work, so cheering out loud would probably get me an appointment with the lovely psych evaluation folks.) You have a lot to be proud of!

    1. Aw Lillian, thank you so much for such a sweet comment! I really appreciate it! And I’m perfectly fine with the silent cheering. 😉

  3. Omg congrats on passing!!! So happy for you!! Oh and I love that pic of Ella amongst all your organizing hahaha

    1. Thank you!! Haha yeah, she was in the middle of it all, stealing and chewing on things…gotta love dogs. 😉

  4. Woooo! Congrats lady, well deserved.

    1. Thanks Alex! 🙂

  5. YAY, congratulations!!!!!! That’s so exciting!

    I love all of the positivity in this post. You have so many wonderful things happening!

    1. Thank you! I really do feel very lucky, especially with all of the support I’m getting here!

  6. What an impressive Week in Review!! Seriously, two snaps and an exploding glitter bomb for you.
    I have so much to say about this so I’m going to do it in list format (no surprise there- ha):
    1) You called me a genius and for that I will always love you.
    2) Your graduation present is super cute.
    3) Congratulations on the big closet cleanout…so long as you didn’t toss the pooch too.
    4) Your Key Lime Sorbet sounds amazing
    5) Your ran your first 5k which is no easy feat (plus you get a free shirt…you did get a free shirt, right?), and
    6) Stellar job on passing the MTTC test. Now go forth and mold young minds.

    P.S. Thanks for participating in the link up. I love newbies, and I love seeing how much everyone accomplished. Hopefully I’ll see you back next week for more hijinks.

    1. Wow, thanks! I loved seeing your list of comments! 🙂 I appreciate all of your support, too. I’m definitely going to keep joining in on the link up fun!

  7. Mmm, so glad it’s finally “getting some sun” time of year! I’m also a sucker for historical fiction (even if I’ve been reading a guilty-pleasure amount of YA fantasy as of late..), I’ll have to check out War Brides!

    1. Yes, do! Haha nothing wrong with YA lit, in my opinion! 🙂

  8. Congratulations- two super exciting things! I admire runners so much. And becoming certified to teach, yay! I can relate to the test-taking thing- I often think I did terrible and then I’m surprised when I get my grade.
    You’ve had a pretty good few weeks 🙂

    1. Thank you! Yeah, I always have envied the “good” test-takers, because I’m definitely not one of them!

  9. […] just want to start off by saying thank you all so much for all of your kind and funny comments on yesterday’s post. Seriously, every single one of them made me so happy! You’re all […]

  10. Congrats on finishing school And on passing your exams! Wow what a big pressure that all can be and now you’re on to your next step! Great 2 weeks, Liv!

    1. It’s such a relief. Thank you! 🙂

  11. Life sounds so good for you at the moment. I rejoice ♥ ♥
    Huge congratulations on passing your exam. That must feel so good!
    p.s. LOVE the London bus roll. What a fun gift!

    1. It is just such a huge weight off my chest. Thank you!

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