A few summers ago my family and I spent a couple of days in Boston. I immediately fell in love with the city, its beauty, and the strength and dedication of its people. There really is a comradeship in its people, who are so warm and inviting. It’s one of the most American cities I can think of.


The Boston Marathon Finish Line!

Whenever a tragedy happens in America (or anywhere, of course), it is absolutely heartbreaking to see the pain caused by acts of hatred and stupidity. But after watching videos, reading articles, and looking through pictures, I have come to notice one thing about our country: we really do stand together, help each other, and come out of these things stronger. I don’t know anyone personally who has been affected by these recent tragedies, so maybe that’s too much for me to say, but it really is so inspiring and humbling to watch how Americans help each other in these times.

Picture 2
My thoughts and prayers are with Boston, the families and the victims, and anyone and everyone around the world affected by acts of terror and hatred.


  1. beautiful photos of boston. such a sad day

  2. jessielovestorun · · Reply

    Beautiful photos to remind us of what a beautiful place Boston still is even after this horrible and devastating tragedy. The outpour of generosity has just been incredible. Continuing to send my thoughts and prayers across the ocean to everyone who has been affected ❤

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