Switzerland, Part 3

Hello everyone! How has your weekend been? Relaxing, I hope!

Again, I’m so glad you all are enjoying my recaps of my trip to Switzerland! It’s so much fun for me to relive the trip and read your comments. 🙂 And now, for the last installment…

The way back to the house (I was staying with a family friend, Barbara, and her sons) was rainy but still gorgeous.

P1060591P1060594P1060598One thing that I love about Europe is that it’s so OLD. There’s evidence of it’s age everywhere, like these ruins that we spotted from the highway (or autobahn, as I think it’s called there):

P1060595Before we got to their house, Barbara showed me this Roman amphitheatre in the town of Avenches.

P1060605P1060606How cool is that?

P1060611We then made a stop at an old WWI bunker that was very close to their house.

P1060615P1060614P1060619P1060616I love those little hidden gems of history.


Now, because this is a food blog  (well, partially at least 😉 ) I can’t let this dinner go unnoticed.

An escarole salad…

P1060622…and pan fried chicken, mashed potatoes, and veggies.

P1060623I often say that the simple dinners are the best, and this one was just so amazing! Barbara is a fantastic cook. I sure was spoiled while there!

For dessert, we had raspberries and cream. Yum!


Barbara also got me a box of Swiss chocolates, which I snacked on through the rest of the days I was abroad.



The next morning, Barbara drove me back to the train station. I had such an amazing visit with her and her family, and I hope it isn’t ten years before we see each other again! 😉

Such lovely views on the train back to Geneva…


Switzerland was just an amazing country. The people there were very nice and helpful (especially considering I didn’t speak either German or French), the scenery was too beautiful for words, and the food was delicious! I definitely want to get back there again some day, maybe for a longer stay next time. 🙂

Switzerland from the sky…


In what seemed like no time, I was flying over London!

P1060649Hello, 02 Arena!


It was nice to be back in the city. 🙂

P1060652P1060654I hope you enjoyed my recap posts on my trip to Switzerland! If you missed the first two, here they are:

Switzerland, Part 1
Switzerland, Part 2

Have a happy Sunday!


  1. I enjoy this series so much! Thanks!
    That Roman amphitheater is mesmerizing!
    I’m glad you’re having a wonderful time.

    1. Thank you for reading/commenting!

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