Yoga Challenge Update

Hello everyone!

I just wanted to drop by for a quick yoga update – my schedule today is super busy (I literally go from 8am – 8pm tonight, not including waking up and working out before class, and the homework I have after) but I accomplished new goals in my personal challenge, so I thought I’d share with you!

My Challenge (for this week):
– Do at least one full session.
– Add five to ten minute stretches after each workout.
– Attempt to do “crane” pose.
– Relax and destress my mind and body as much as possible.

Actual: all goals complete!

This week I did the amazing hour and a half long P90X yoga routine. I love love love that routine, but you already know that. 🙂 I also managed to do a few minutes of stretching after each workout I did this past week, including a new pose called “Eagle”. (Click this link for a description.)

I think out of all yoga poses, the stretching and the balance ones are my favorite. This is a great combination of the two, and the fact that it causes me to focus on holding my balance means there is nothing else going on in my mind. That is how yoga helps me relax my mind and body more, which is why I’m always glad to take on these yoga challenges! 🙂 I guess I just relaxed a lot this past weekend and just had fun with my birthday festivities – I’ll fill you in on the details soon!

I also managed to do “crane” pose for about 10 seconds total! Granted, I could only hold myself up for about 5 consecutive seconds, but saying it that way doesn’t sound as cool. I think that with all of this strength/circuit training I’ve been doing, my core and arm muscles have gotten stronger, which obviously helps me maintain “crane” pose.

Soooo anyway, this past week was awesome as far as this challenge goes. There’s only one more week in October, so hopefully it will be just as great – yoga and otherwise!

Have a great day!

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