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A Photo A Day: Important

  Nothing more need be said.

Meat Free Monday: Vegetarian Enchiladas

It might sound crazy, but I learned a lot when I went on a Pescetarian diet for a month. First of all, I became much more interested in exactly why people wanted to be vegetarian/vegan. Is there really that much wrong with the meat we all eat? So, I watched quite a few documentaries and […]

A Photo A Day: I Want…

I want… ….another amazing trip to this lovely place. (photo courtesy Pinterest)

A Photo A Day: Catching Up

Thursday’s prompt: fear. This one was really difficult for me to do. My greatest fear is that someone that I love or care about will die or be seriously hurt. Can’t exactly catch that in a photo. So I decided on time. I’m not afraid of time itself, but rather how fast it moves and […]

Healthy Berry Muffins

Well, spring break is over, and I enjoyed it a lot. But on Thursday night…well, I don’t want to say that I was bored. I just wanted something to do that wasn’t homework. And whenever I get that feeling, I bake or cook food. However, I get that feeling a lot, which means a lot […]

WIAW Spring Break Edition

Well, first things first: today’s photo of the day! The prompt: “chair”. This is one of my favorite chairs in our house. Many people who come over for the first time assume that it’s been in the family for years, but really, my parents bought it just a few years ago (the secret’s out). I […]

A Photo A Day: Under

OK, so this isn’t a picture that I took today, but the moment I saw the prompt for today, I thought of this pic. I took it a few years ago while we were hiking in Maine and I just love it. Plus it reminds me of summer, which is of course a great thing. […]

Two Sweet Recipes

Hello hello! I apologize for my lack of posts…I’ve been really trying to enjoy my spring break and take time away from the computer. Of course, I’ve been doing daily “Photo A Day” posts which have been fun, but as I haven’t posted a recipe in a while, I thought today might be the day. […]

A Photo A Day: Lucky

The prompt for today was kind of difficult, because really, there are so many things in my life that make me feel lucky – or blessed or fortunate, whichever you want to call it – but I could only post one picture. In the end, I decided on documenting the long walk on this beautiful […]

A Photo A Day: Key

Can you guess what these went to?