New England Trip 2010, Days 7 and 8

Throughout the last two days of our vacation, we traveled down the East Coast, from Maine back to the Boston area.

Day 7

We stopped at a few roadside markets.

Saw a couple of cute bed & breakfasts and other buildings.

Stopped in Camden, ME, for some sightseeing and a quick lunch.

Dad got a quintessential East Coast lobster roll.

And some (Maine) blueberry pie. Soooo pretty.

We went to the LL Bean store….

These two moose were found out in the woods exactly like this. Their antlers must have gotten tangled while they were fighting, and they unfortunately died of starvation.

before ending the day in Kennebunkport.

President George Bush Sr.’s home.


Day 8

The final day of our vacation was spent walking around the towns of Lexington & Concord, as well as some battle sites, and a museum.

And just like that, the vacation was over! It was such an amazing trip, and definitely one I would recommend to anyone, especially someone who is looking for a glimpse at American history.

I hope you have enjoyed looking at the pictures as much as I have enjoyed posting them! If you’ve missed any of the recaps, here they are in order:

–  Day One: Boston

–  Day Two: Celebrating the 4th of July in Boston!

–  Day Three: Harvard University and a car tour

–  Day Four: Little Italy and Wentworth by the Sea 

–  Day Five: Whale Watching

–  Day Six: Acadia National Park

Have a great day!

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