Why I Am Doing This


Before I get too involved in my blog, I just want to write a short post about exactly why I have created Liv Lives Life.  Honestly, this blog is mostly for me, as a way to keep myself on track (I plan on recording everything that I eat in a day, as well as any exercise I do) in my goal towards a healthy lifestyle, but also for anyone else out there who loves food and suffers from food allergies.  I probably won’t be updating every day, since my days aren’t too interesting, but whenever I have something interesting to share, I’ll make a post!

Believe me, I’ve had my fair share of days when I feel completely miserable about my medical predicament.  As a child, I was allergic to milk/dairy, eggs, and nuts, and my parents were advised against feeding me wheat, peas, coconut, banana, and a myriad of other things.  I was lucky enough to grow out of all of those allergies, except for eggs and nuts.  However, I have also developed intolerances to coffee (heartbreaking!), and turkey.

As anyone else with food allergies knows, this can make navigating grocery stores, restaurants, and even your own home difficult. But you shouldn’t give up!  If you love food, make it work! I’ll be posting allergy-free recipes on Liv Lives Life as much as possible to help other foodies – but also because I need to channel my cooking and baking love somehow! 🙂

I  hope you enjoy reading my blog. Thanks for visiting!

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