Cardiff, Wales Recap (Two)

Liv Lives Life

And to continue my recap of Cardiff, Wales….

As I mentioned, on Sunday I opted for a tour of the city. While the tour guide was kind of strange, and I did not learn too much, I still got some great pictures.


The place below was called Bute Park, Cardiff Castle (or Parc Bute, Castell Caerdydd). It was absolutely gorgeous, with the blue sky and autumn leaves…

When I saw this rock formation, I thought it looked really cool, and wondered if it was something historic and symbolic, like Stonehenge.

I felt kind of silly when my tour guide said it was build in the 2000s 😉


Lauren and I reconvened for lunch at a place called Bella Vita. I had the Salmon and Cannelini Bean Salad, which was really great. It had a nice lemony vinaigrette, and kept me full for quite a long time after.

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